Attention.Tech Review: Is It The Ultimate AI Sales Assistant?

Attention Review

Throughout my sales journey, I’ve explored countless AI sales assistants, always seeking that game-changer, but never found it.

The promises were grand, yet the experiences often fell short. Then, the “Attention.tech” site caught my eye.

If you’re also on the hunt for an AI sales tool that truly elevates, join me in discovering if Attention truly lives up to its name in this Attention review article.

In this Attention.tech review, I will cover:

  • Who Attention is suited for
  • Key features
  • What could be better
  • Customer sentiment
  • Attention alternatives

Ok, let’s get into it.

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Attention Review – Verdict

Attention Logo

4 out of 5
  • AI Auto Email Follow-Ups
  • Automatic CRM Updates
  • AI Battle Cards

My Personal Review

I have dived deep into the Attention platform and overall I am impressed with what it has and where it’s heading.

Too many sales tools are saying they are AI-enabled or AI this and that with little to no meaning behind it. It’s a tag they all feel they should have. But Attention actually is AI-powered.

What caught me is the preciseness of the information it extracts from calls ready for the CRM. It captures all the important information and gets it mapped to the right field, based on the sales methodology you follow.

I typically use MEDDPICC in my sales pursuits. Attention will get all the right info from a call and get it into the right fields in your CRM. This not only saves sales reps like me a stack of time, but it will keep leadership happy as the CRM is up to date at all times. Something I have given my leadership a few headaches about over the years!

The AI auto follow-ups also look awesome. I have spent countless hours drafting email after email post-sales call. Yet nothing is difficult. It’s a summary of what’s been said, actions, and any other information you may want to provide.

Attention handles this so all you have to do is approve it or add something to the draft. This will save reps hours a week – especially if they type with 2 fingers like me!

So why only 4 stars? With the introduction of better mobile features and an improvement in support response time, I would up the star rating and be exceptionally happy with the insights and support the platform would give me.

What is Attention?

Attention is what the future of sales optimization looks like. It’s an AI-powered assistant tailored for sales leaders, reps, and revenue teams. In seconds, Attention deciphers data, anticipates trends, and churns out insights that are both actionable and strategic.

It boasts leading call monitoring features, sales coaching for live assistance and talktracks as well as post-call debriefs. It offers tools to monitor the best performers and then replicate how they are successful across the rest of your team.

With AI-powered auto follow-ups, near real-time CRM updates that only need checking most of the time, and decent AI note-taking, this platform saves reps a stack of time they spend on non-sales activities pre and post-calls.

Here’s a quick rundown of the interface and what you can expect when you sign in.

Annotated image of Attention's home screen

If you know your sales reps are spending hours (and most likely more hours!) on post-call ‘stuff’ and updating systems then Attention can help. Not only does it stop this, but you can use its analysis to coach and drive more performance from your team.

Let’s get to the details on how.

Who is Attention for?

Sales Leaders

Being at the helm of sales strategy, Sales Leaders need tools that streamline decision-making and boost performance. With Attention, strategy becomes a breezier affair. Centralized communication keeps everyone in sync, while AI-driven forecasts become your roadmap for upcoming ventures. The result? Enhanced team performance and a tangible ROI uptick.

Sales Reps

If you’re on the frontline of sales, Attention is the ultimate game-changer. Why juggle multiple tools when Attention offers real-time AI coaching, instant alerts to prioritize your tasks, and ensures each sales pitch hits just the right notes? There are auto follow-ups that playback the language used by your prospects as well as CRM updates done for you. A sales dream, I know!

Revenue Teams

Backing the front end of sales, Revenue Teams have a lot on their plate. Attention tailors itself to this multifaceted role. Seamlessly integrated with your CRM system, it’s more than just a tool – it’s a system. It means you can better predict revenue flow, maintain deal consistency, and ensure operations glide smoothly.

Top Features

Here’s the best of Attention’s features and what makes them so good.

CRM Updates

Forget manual data entry post-call. Attention updates your CRM, capturing every key detail. Not only does this save invaluable time for sales reps, but it also guarantees that no vital information gets missed.

This means sales teams always have the latest data at their fingertips, ensuring strategic alignment and informed decision-making.

Annotated image of CRM updates

Email Auto Follow-ups

A nice touch is its auto follow-up emails. Based on the conversation a sales rep has just had, it drafts intelligent auto follow-ups.

By analyzing the nuances of your call, including phrases and pain points the prospect mentioned, it ensures your email resonates.

This isn’t generic automation; it’s personalization at its best, using AI to echo what your customers feel and need.

And as we all know in sales, if the customer feels heard and understood, you are a long way to getting the sale!

Battle Cards

Attention isn’t just a tool; it’s your sales coach, too. Its real-time call coaching feature, means reps get immediate feedback, tips, and pointers during calls through its AI-powered battle cards.

Objection handling can be tricky, especially for new reps who need more sales experience. But Attention helps spot objections and gives you a playbook on how best to respond and overcome them.

Here are a couple of examples of how it performs. If you have been stumped on a cold call, you will know how powerful this really is.

Objection handling in Attention

User Behavior Analysis

Attention deciphers behaviors, providing insights that can redefine sales strategies. It’s about understanding not just what prospects do, but why they do it.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s far easier to craft sales pitches that will resonate and hit home with your target audience.

Attention analyzes the language and tone from conversations to surface prospect sentiment. With the analysis comes a handy interface to help manage what to do next based on its findings.

Performance Scoring

Attention’s performance scoring isn’t your ordinary metrics system.

Powered by cutting-edge AI, it delves deep into sales interactions, capturing nuances that might escape the human eye. Beyond raw numbers, it meticulously evaluates communication techniques, strategies, and even the tone of engagements.

This system isn’t just about handing out ratings; it’s a dynamic feedback tool. Sales reps can receive real-time input, allowing them to refine their approach immediately, ensuring that every lead is engaged with the most effective strategy.

There are also dashboards and charts for sales leaders to monitor and review their team’s performance. These can also be used as part of your sales coaching techniques or monthly review meetings which is a great way to make those meetings more actionable!

Attention performance score chart selection
Attention performance score chart

Other Useful Features

Here are some other features worth mentioning:

  • Collaborative Environment: Boost team productivity with shared dashboards and real-time updates.
  • Integrations: Attention seamlessly integrates with your existing toolset, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.
  • Compliance: Call monitoring is compliant across most countries. You can check the full compliance details.

What Could be Better?

An honest review needs to show the good as well as the bad, so here it is!

  • Onboarding Experience: For those entirely new to sales assistants, a more intuitive onboarding process could be beneficial.
  • Mobile Application: While the desktop experience is top-notch, a dedicated mobile app would enhance flexibility for on-the-go users.
  • Customer Support Response Time: Although rich in features, a faster response time from their customer support would enhance the user experience.

Customer Sentiment

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Detailed, AI-driven analysis on calls, offering accurate insights
  • Streamlines workflows and significantly reduces administrative tasks
  • Seamless integration capabilities that automatically update and populate CRM fields
  • Efficient email templates are available to quickly generate conversation summaries post-call.
  • Users can efficiently review key conversation takeaways
  • There have been instances where some calls might not appear immediately, leading to occasional recording issues
  • Currently, there are restrictions on shared access to call recordings, limiting team access.
  • There was prior inconsistency in sales rep note-taking, hinting at a degree of subjectiveness in notes


Attention’s pricing isn’t publicly available but word on the street is that it’s affordable and offers a fast ROI if you have a few sales reps that hold 10+ calls a week and are currently lone rangers.

Of course, you will want to weigh up the competition as well.

Attention Alternatives


Chorus steps into the arena with its prowess in capturing and analyzing sales calls, positioning itself as a reliable call-recording platform.

Its core strength lies in transcribing sales interactions, making them easily searchable and ready for review. While this functionality serves companies aiming to dissect past interactions, it doesn’t fully embrace the real-time adjustments and proactive strategies that Attention provides.

When it comes to dynamic AI feedback, predictive trends, and tailored user behavior analysis, Chorus is still playing catch-up compared to Attention’s forward-leaning approach.


Gong is arguably the prominent player in conversation analytics and sales coaching. My opinion is that’s mainly due to their sales and marketing efforts rather than a far superior product, just my view!

Its adeptness in conversation analytics, coupled with sales coaching utilities and deal-tracking does however make it a solid choice for businesses wanting to refine their sales dialogues. It comes at a price though.

But, with Attention’s leading AI, auto follow-ups, and CRM updates, it would definitely be worth checking it out.

Final Thoughts

If you need some true AI insights from sales calls to improve your sales reps cold calling then Attention should definitely be considered. It will give you some great features that will save reps hours whilst improving consistent sales data across the board.

What this isn’t though, is a sales coaching platform that could rival the likes of Gong. Yes, it has some performance dashboards and charts that are a good indication of performance but it doesn’t go too much deeper on the coaching side.

All considered, if you want your reps to start hitting quota and you don’t have any AI sales assistants on board yet, Attention will greatly help to get them there.

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