11 Best AI Sales Prospecting Tools in 2023 (Chosen By Sales Reps)

Best AI Sales Prospecting Tools

The AI revolution has reached sales teams.

I am in it and using the best B2B prospecting tools, AI presentation makers, note takers, and a few more on a daily basis to drive more leads, boost my sales pipeline, and increase my conversions. 

AI now powers 57% of the most successful sales organizations, and teams employing AI see 50% more leads than those who don’t. There are many ways AI can support prospecting but having the right tools is a must.

I use LinkedIn Sales Navigator but it’s cumbersome compared to the best AI tools available. Some even feed into your forecasting software to take that hassle away from you!

AI-driven insights are now shaping the future of prospecting, so here are the 11 best sales prospecting tools your tech stack shouldn’t be without.

What Are AI Sales Prospecting Tools?

AI sales prospecting tools use machine learning algorithms to uncover insights and patterns we humans may miss in mountains of data. They then surface that insight to sales representatives so they can focus on the opportunities and prospects most likely to close.

AI sales prospecting tools can do a ton of things much faster than sales professionals can:

  • Analyze vast datasets
  • Identify buyer signals
  • Personalize outreach
  • Integrate with existing sales workflows
  • Guide you on cold calls
  • Email writing assistance
  • And a lot more!

They amplify our human capabilities, handling the grunt work so we can focus on forging meaningful connections with prospects and actually sell!

Now we know what we are looking at, let’s explore 11 of the top AI-powered prospecting tools to take your sales prospecting to the next level.

What Are The Best AI Sales Prospecting Tools

After using an uncountable amount of sales prospecting tools in my day-to-day sales job, and researching over 50 tools to make this list, here are the best ones out there right now.

Best AI Sales Prospecting Tools

  • Best All-Rounder SalesLoft
  • Best for Workflow ContinuityGroove
  • Best for Hyper-Personalized OutreachConvin
  • Best for Real-Time Lead EngagementDrift
  • Best for Executing Outbound CampaignsOutreach
  • Best for Relationship MappingAffinity
  • Best for Email EngagementMixmax
  • Best for Contact Data EnrichmentSeamless
  • Best for Workflow AutomationTact
  • Best for Sales Call OptimizationGong
  • Best for Inbox ProductivityCirrus Insight

Okay, let’s take a deep dive into them!

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1. SalesLoft

Best All-Rounder

Salesloft Homepage

Laser-focused on outbound sales, SalesLoft is an awesome sales tool that serves up prospecting insights on a silver platter. This AI tool scours the web for targeted leads, then tracks them and prompts you to reach out when the timing is optimal.

Top Features

  • Identifies targeted prospects from firmographic data
  • Surfaces real-time alerts on prospects exhibiting buying signals
  • Predictive lead scoring so you can focus your efforts
  • Automates personalized email sequences to nurture prospects
  • Suggests optimal timing for scheduling initial meetings
  • Syncs with CRM to track prospect engagement


Salesloft pricing

SalesLoft offers flexibility with 3 options for teams of all sizes. Monthly plans start at $75 for a group version covering basic needs, while enterprise-level functionality will run around $125 per user per month. 

Though required contract lengths can vary, some buyers have reported SalesLoft recently shifting to annual commitments. 

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Provides personalized sales cadences for engagement
  • Offers workflow management for sales activity tracking
  • Efficiently schedules emails and integrates with Outlook
  • Organizes interactions and tasks in one intuitive place
  • Seamless integration with CRM systems, streamlining data consolidation and productivity.
  • Learning curve, especially for new sales interaction users
  • Pinned notes can be bothersome and difficult to manage


If your team is struggling to identify and engage high-value prospects, Salesloft Cadence can help by leveraging AI to surface targeted leads and prompt outreach when timing is optimal. 

With features like predictive lead scoring, personalized email sequencing, and CRM integration, Salesloft can supercharge your prospecting efforts to drive more revenue.

2. Groove

Best for Workflow Continuity

Groove homepage

Groove’s brilliance stems from its simplicity. This straightforward AI tool integrates with your inbox to track email opens, clicks, and replies. Groove nudges you to follow up at precisely the right times and suggests response templates to drive prospect engagement.

Top Features

  • A suite of productivity tools for email outreach
  • Smart compose feature drafts personalized email copy
  • Insight dashboard visualizes prospect engagement metrics
  • Scheduling assistant books meetings on your calendar
  • Integrates seamlessly with Gmail for workflow continuity


Groove doesn’t display pricing but with some digging around I have found that Groove requires an annual contract with a minimum first-year spend of $10,000, achieved through core user licenses starting at $50 per month plus customizable add-ons.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Notifies when emails are opened
  • Organizes workday with insights
  • User-friendly interface for beginners
  • Simplifies scheduling and follow-ups
  • Integrates with Salesforce for tracking
  • Auto-timed emails may glitch
  • Challenges in modifying email sequences


If your team is wasting time on manual lead follow-ups, Groove can help by using AI to track prospect engagement and prompt smart outreach. 

With features like email productivity tools, personalized messaging, and seamless Gmail integration, Groove can free up your team’s time to focus on selling and boost revenue.

3. Convin

Best for Hyper-Personalized Outreach

Convin Homepage

Let Convin’s AI take the wheel generating hyper-personalized emails, texts, and messaging. This creative tool studies your best prospect interactions and then uses that intel to craft tailored outreach at scale.

Top Features

  • AI engine generates personalized outreach messages
  • Omnichannel messaging via email, text, social media, and more
  • Conversation analytics reveal messaging impact on prospects
  • Lead scoring helps prioritizes the best potential deals
  • Suite of email productivity tools to manage outreach
  • Integrations with CRMs to track prospect engagement


Convin pricing table

Convin offers 6 different packages that you can buy and integrate together plus a mobile app on top if you need it. Due to this, they don’t give any outward pricing. Based on what’s on offer and the top of offering and all my research, I think they will be higher end. 

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Improves email process and client interactions
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation
  • Supports manual audit forms effectively
  • Provides a comprehensive dashboard view
  • Accurate call transcript generation
  • Occasional lag in page loading
  • The support process could be faster
  • Complex filters and parameters


If your team is struggling to personalize outreach at scale, Convin can help by leveraging AI to study your best performing messages and automatically generate tailored multi-channel campaigns. 

With features like data-driven messaging, lead prioritization, and CRM integration, Convin enables your team to boost prospect engagement and revenue through hyper-personalized conversations.

4. Drift

Best for Real-Time Lead Engagement

Drift Homepage

Drift’s conversational marketing platform uses AI to engage website visitors and turn them into leads. Not only can ChatGPT be used in sales but so can chatbots that qualify prospects through personalized conversations in real time.

Top Features

  • Chatbots engage site visitors via personalized messaging
  • Drag-and-drop bot builder enables configuring chatbots without code
  • Bots converse in multiple languages to engage global prospects
  • Lead scoring helps reps prioritize the highest potential conversions
  • Account-based messaging engages key accounts directly
  • Fastlane suggests optimal prospects for reps to engage
  • Integrates with tools like Salesforce, Marketo, and Slack


Drift Pricing Table

Drift offers a clear pricing table with features mapped to plans. The starting package is $2,500 per month, billed annually. 

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Easy playbook customization and data usage
  • Real-time chat for efficient customer interactions
  • Intelligent chatbots for FAQs and context
  • Customized messages based on specific pages
  • Automatic conversation routing system
  • Reporting challenges for true incremental ROI
  • Limited detailed conversation analytics for users


If your team is having trouble qualifying and engaging prospects in real-time, Drift can help by enabling conversational interactions with website visitors to instantly capture leads. 

With features like chatbots, account-based messaging, and integration with sales tools, Drift allows you to connect with the right prospects at the right time to increase pipeline velocity and revenue.

5. Outreach

Best for Executing Outbound Campaigns

Outreach homepage

Outreach’s superpower is helping teams execute structured outbound campaigns. Lean on this AI tool to generate prospect lists, email templates, and follow-up timing. Outreach also tracks all prospect touches so you can optimize outreach.

Top Features

  • Prospect list builder identifies targeted leads from firmographic filters
  • Email template library provides customizable message templates
  • Automated reminders trigger follow-up emails to prospects
  • Powerful analytics reveal optimal outreach cadence and messages
  • Bi-directional sync with CRM keeps prospect data up-to-date


Outreach pricing table

Outreach offers 3 packages; Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. They have a hefty feature comparison table that goes into detail to see the differences. 

They don’t offer public facing pricing but during my research, a few verified buyers have said anything between $100 per user, per month up to $130. 

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Time and effort savings in reaching prospects
  • Automated emails for efficient outreach
  • Real-time notifications and appointment booking
  • Comprehensive reporting and granular metrics
  • Customizable playbooks and sequences
  • Clunky time zone search function
  • Investment and setup needed for effective use


If your team struggles with executing effective outbound campaigns, Outreach can help by leveraging AI to generate prospect lists, email templates, and optimal follow-up cadences. 

With features like workflow automation, predictive analytics, and CRM integration, Outreach allows you to scale and optimize prospecting efforts.

6. Affinity

Best for Relationship Mapping

Affinity homepage

Affinity surfaces insights to build stronger prospect relationships. It maps your connections and interactions to reveal hidden gems like shared interests and mutual contacts. Use these AI-uncovered nuggets to boost rapport.

Top Features

  • Relationship graphs visually map connections and touchpoints
  • Conversational intelligence analyzes discussions for insights
  • Contact profiles highlight shared interests and connections
  • Reminder alerts prompt timely prospect follow-ups
  • Integrates with Office 365, Gmail, and Slack for workflow continuity


Affinity offers a CRM and Salesforce bundle. There is no definite pricing available from Affinity but it looks like you can expect to pay from $130 to $170 per user, per month for the CRM package. 

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • User-friendly platform for easy prospect tracking
  • Automated logging of prospect interactions
  • Efficient pipeline management for potential deals
  • Insights into prospect engagement and activity
  • Responsive customer support for user inquiries
  • Limited ability to customize data fields for specific use cases
  • Dashboard usability could be more intuitive
  • Lack of undo feature for certain actions


If your team lacks visibility into prospect relationships, Affinity can help by using AI to map connections and uncover insights like shared interests to personalize outreach. 

With features like relationship graphs, contact profiles, and timely reminders, Affinity enables more authentic prospect conversations to drive conversions.

7. Mixmax

Best for Email Engagement

Mixmax homepage

Make your cold emails pop with Mixmax. This tool leverages AI to analyze your top-performing outreach. Then it uses those insights to suggest catchy email subject lines and previews to pique prospect interest.

Top Features

  • AI analyzes top performers to recommend effective subject lines
  • Smart email previews boost open rates
  • Built-in link tracking provides campaign results
  • Library of professionally designed email templates
  • Workflows automate multi-touch outreach sequencing


Mixmax pricing

You have 3 paid plans as well as a free option with Mixmax. You will most likely need a paid plan if you want to do anything semi-serious so expect to be in the region of $29 to $69 per user, per month. Here’s a handy feature comparison.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Workflow automation helps save time and engage clients efficiently
  • Calendar integration simplifies scheduling and coordination efforts
  • Sequences enhance client engagement, leading to more opportunities
  • Tracking tools offer insights to improve presentation strategies
  • Read receipts indicate recipient engagement and email opens
  • Lack of automatic video link integration for meeting bookings
  • UI design lacks appeal and impact on workflow acceleration
  • Challenges in adjusting time zones accurately for scheduling


If your team’s emails lack engagement, Mixmax can help by using AI to analyze top performers and recommend compelling subject lines and previews. 

With features like smart templates, link tracking, and workflow automations, Mixmax enables you to grab attention and drive prospect action.

8. Seamless

Best for Contact Data Enrichment

Seamless homepage

Stop scrambling to fill your pipeline. Let Seamless.ai work its AI magic validating contact data to uncover net-new prospects for you. This nifty tool even segments leads by industry, job role, and more so you can hyper-target outreach.

Top Features

  • Lead validation verifies prospect contact information
  • Contact discovery identifies net-new leads from 300M profiles
  • Segmentation separates prospects by industry, role, and more
  • Data enrichment appends missing contact details
  • Pushes new records directly into CRM for immediate outreach


Seamless pricing table

There’s a free trial you can take which gives you 50 credits. They also offer a ‘try for free’ deal on their basic plan which gives you 250 credits per month. A credit is used everytime a prospect is researched. 

If you will be doing even more prospecting than that and need some advanced features then you will either need the Pro or Enterprise plan. Expect to pay anything from $65 per user, per month, up to $125.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Accurate data for prospecting and lead generation
  • User-friendly platform for easy navigation and data management
  • Data organization enhances marketing efforts and campaign planning
  • Competitive pricing compared to other options
  • Extensive contact information and LinkedIn integration for outreach
  • Lack of effective filtering and organizing options for search results


If your existing prospect data is inaccurate or incomplete, Seamless.ai can help by leveraging AI to validate and enrich contact information at scale. 

With features like lead segmentation, contact discovery, and CRM integration, Seamless provides quality data to engage net-new prospects.

9. Tact

Best for Workflow Automation

Tact homepage

Give your CRM superpowers with Tact.ai. This virtual assistant integrates with tools you already use to capture meeting insights, recommend follow-ups, and pass qualified leads to sales reps. Tact streamlines previously manual processes.

Top Features

  • Virtual assistant captures key details during sales meetings
  • Meeting debriefs provide insights on next steps
  • Lead scoring helps qualify prospects
  • Workflow automation increases outreach efficiency
  • Integrates with leading CRM and video conferencing tools


There’s no solid information on the price of Tact so best to do a deeper dive if you like the sound of them and make contact directly.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Easy-to-use and quick application
  • Effective agenda synchronization and Salesforce integration
  • Time-saving for daily tasks and administrative work
  • Intuitive interface for consolidating important information
  • Efficient tracking of opportunities and progress
  • Difficulty working on a phone with smaller screen
  • Initial data input can be challenging


If your team struggles to capture prospect interactions across tools, Tact.ai can help by providing a virtual assistant to record engagement insights directly in your CRM. 

With workflow automation, lead scoring, and easy integration, Tact gives you a complete customer view to qualify and convert more leads.

10. Gong

Best for Sales Call Optimization

Gong homepage

Calling prospects but not converting? Gong.io listens in on sales calls to analyze what works and where teams fall short. This AI tool flags best practices to replicate and conversation pitfalls to avoid. So you can pitch prospects more effectively.

If your reps need more sales experience then Gong can rapidly reduce the onboarding time to get reps hitting the phones. It also adds sales coaching into the mix so you can really get prospecting hard with Gong on your side.

Top Features

  • Call recording functionality captures sales conversations
  • Conversation intelligence analyzes calls for insights
  • Coaching cues highlight areas for rep skill improvement
  • Sales performance tracking shows call volume and outcomes
  • Bi-directional sync integrates call data with CRMs


Gong pricing - how it works

Gong is priced per user along with a platform fee. Pricing depends on various factors such as the size of your team and the type of license you choose. 

After researching the available verified sources you can expect to pay a $5,000 one-time platform fee and then between $1,300 and $1,600 per user, per year

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Detailed call options and improvisations
  • Quick access to call summaries and tagging
  • Effective deal intelligence and call analysis
  • Enhanced soft skills improvement through call transcripts
  • Simplifies monitoring and feedback for sales teams
  • Challenges in defining call recording sharing options.
  • Call updates may be delayed by 24 hours.


If your team’s sales conversations lack impact, Gong can help by using AI to analyze calls and highlight best practices to hone your pitches. 

With conversation intelligence, performance tracking, and coaching cues, Gong enables you to engage prospects more effectively.

11. Cirrus Insight

Best for Inbox Productivity

Cirrus Insight Homepage

Cirrus Insight surfaces insights to build stronger relationships directly within your email inbox. This handy Chrome extension and add-on to Salesforce scans email conversations for clues about contacts’ needs and interests so you can personalize follow-ups and close more deals.

Top Features

  • Email tracking provides open and click-through metrics
  • Prospect profiles reveal backgrounds and interests
  • Meeting scheduler books appointments from email
  • Productivity suite manages email outreach
  • Integrates with leading email platforms like Gmail and Outlook


Cirrus Insight Pricing

Pricing ranges from $10 to $29 per user, per month. Here’s a comparison of the plan features.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s a round-up of the most recent customer reviews.

  • Efficiently integrates inbox and CRM usage
  • Numerous time-saving features
  • Seamless email and CRM synchronization
  • Customizable to work processes and fields
  • Tracks email open rates and engagement
  • Email tracking features may be unreliable
  • Relatively high pricing for smaller teams


If your team lacks visibility into email engagement, Cirrus can help by surfacing insights on prospect background and interests to personalize outreach and boost conversions. 

With tracking, scheduling, and productivity features layered right into your inbox, Cirrus turns existing emails into a sales powerhouse.

Choosing the Right AI Sales Prospecting Tool: A Buyer’s Guide

With the influx of AI sales tools promising to boost B2B sales prospecting, making the right choice for your team can be daunting. However, analyzing solutions across these five critical factors will set you up for smarter decision-making and an improved prospecting process.

Integration and Compatibility

Opting for a tool that integrates seamlessly with your tech stack is crucial, as switching between platforms severely impacts sales productivity. 

Prioritize solutions that sync contacts and data bi-directionally with your CRM and play nicely with email clients like Gmail. Tools lacking key integrations end up costing time and creating hassles with your sales reps, trust me, I have been there!

Scalability and Adaptability 

The ideal tool grows with you. Seek out scalable solutions capable of handling surges in data volume without compromising performance. Also ensure the tool can ingest new data sources and adjust to evolving strategies. 

Make sure you won’t get burned with hefty integration costs. Inflexible tools box you in down the road and can cost you a lot of money.

Accuracy and Data Quality 

Acting on inaccurate or outdated data sabotages sales efforts. Thoroughly vet AI tools to ensure robust data hygiene practices and precision in identifying quality leads. Make sure you can integrate your existing customer data as well as the external data into the AI engine. Leveraging flawed data wastes time chasing false positives.

User Experience and Training 

If a tool is overly complex or unintuitive, sales team adoption will falter. Prioritize solutions with UX designed for sales workflows that reps can easily master. 

Look for robust training resources and knowledgeable customer support so your team can optimize the tool.

Cost and ROI Potential

The tool should provide substantial ROI exceeding its cost by driving increased conversions and enabling saved time to be reinvested into revenue-generating activities. 

Take a hard look at any hidden fees for extra modules, maintenance, or training to ensure the price aligns with the long-term value.

Following these guidelines will lead you to an AI sales prospecting tool that takes your team’s performance to new heights. Reach out if you need any assistance navigating your options, I have a stack of experience implementing and buying these tools!

Final Thoughts

The transformational capabilities of AI sales tools are undeniable. As this technology continues maturing, teams adopting it now will gain an edge over the competition. 

Finding a combination of the right sales prospecting tools is fundamental. But there is no doubt that leveraging these AI-powered solutions to uncover prospects at scale and gain buyer insights will drive revenue growth. 

The AI revolution is here – will you lead it or be left behind?

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