5 Best NFC Business Cards That Will Impress In 2023

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I get it, you are tired of paper business cards. 

They bring hassle and extra work, especially at conferences and exhibitions when you hand out a whole stack and receive just as many back.  

So you want a professional-looking card that is fit for today’s digital world, right? Great news, as that’s exactly what we round up in this article. 

But what are the best NFC business cards and what should you look out for?

If you want to look at other virtual business cards or are still sitting on the fence as to the benefits of digital business cards then I have that covered too.

Short of time? Then here are our top picks of the best NFC business cards so you can check them out right now.

Best Overall

Range of NFC devices combined with software features that deliver every time

Best for Customizable NFC Devices

If you need a range of NFC devices and want to brand them, Linq should be a top choice to check out

Best Value for Money

Sleek NFC cards with a simple setup and no ongoing subscription fees make TapTok one of the best

What are the best NFC business cards?

After a ton of research and using many myself in a real-world sales environment, here are the top NFC business cards you can get your hands on. 

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Best Overall

Best NFC business cards

Popl is leading the way in NFC business cards. They offer a sleek and modern card design with good customization options. On top of that, they have a wide range of NFC devices so you can share your contact details and links with a single tap, your way.

Image of Popl's NFC devices - stands, lanyards, cards, watches and wristbands

And their NFC range is just the beginning. 

To make use of electronic contact sharing, Popl offers over 5000 integrations. The most useful will be to your CRM, such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive. You can also scan paper business cards to get contact details as well as share between Popl devices. 

On top of all of this, the profile landing pages are simply stunning. This is what pops up to the recipient when you share your details. They can save your contact details as well as open the links you added to your profile. It’s all fully customizable but if you want the bulk of the customization features, you will need a paid plan.

Here’s an example of mine. 

Image of example landing page that shows profile photo, contact details and badges for links

You can change the color theme, background image, profile photo, and add many different types of links. For most calendar scheduling and payment links (think business-type functions), you will need to upgrade. To change the icons of the links, you need a paid plan too!


  • Big range of NFC kit available – great for if you attend shows, exhibitions or conferences
  • High-quality cards made from premium polyvinyl. You can upgrade to metal for a little extra or even a 24k gold card – that will set you back a little more!
  • There are tons of different settings and customization options
  • Analytics so you can understand KPIs such as top performers and event success
  • Dedicated lead capture mode with custom lead capture forms
  • CRM integrations so you can capture leads with one tap and get them in your CRM instantly
  • Popl Teams gives features to centralize and manage larger teams such as profile management and creating sub-teams. 
  • To get the features you will probably want, you will need to upgrade
  • There is a monthly subscription on top of the cost of the NFC devices


NFC Devices – A non-customized plastic card starts at $5, with a custom metal card currently at $80. Wristbands, Apple watch bands, exhibition stands, and phone Popls (think stickers for your phone) range between $20 to $100.

Monthly Subscription – Popl Pro starts at $6.49 per month with an upgrade to Popl Pro+ available at $11.99 per month. 

Image of pricing summary

Popl gives a detailed comparison table of the different plans which is a must to check out as with Popl the long-term cost is in the subscription, not the NFC devices.

Overall, if you are looking for NFC business cards that can cover all bases and act as intelligent sales tools then look no further than Popl. It has you covered if you are just looking to ditch the paper cards, right up to managing cards for 1000 sales reps.


Best for Customizable Kit

Image of Linq homescreen

Linq is a top player and rightly so. They rival Popl with their range of NFC devices. They also offer great card customization options and arguably better customization options for their wider range of devices.

Here’s a customized exhibition stand and bamboo card – don’t judge with the headshot, you can add logos or any background image you like! 🙂

Image of stand NFC example
Image of example bamboo card customization options

If you are managing a larger team then they offer excellent features in their Linq for Teams bundle. With people and product management along with analytics and many other capabilities, their website offers a very user-friendly to manage everything you will need.

Image of Linq web app for management of the cards and team


  • Biggest range of NFC kit available with excellent customization options
  • Image and background library available
  • Range of colors available for the cards
  • Easy to set up an attractive profile landing page
  • Integrate with your CRM system to capture and manage leads
  • Embed video and music on the paid plan
  • User-friendly web app to manage the Linq for Teams functions
  • No choice of material for cards – their bamboo option is for color, not material, so beware if you think you are going eco-friendly!


NFC Devices – A non-customized card starts at $12, with a fully custom card at $37. Bracelets, tags, and stands range from $20 up to $50 and they offer an exhibition bundle at $100.

Monthly Subscription – Unlike Popl, upgrading is optional as the free features will work for most. If you want advanced analytics or a custom logo in your profile then you will need to upgrade but it’s only $5 per month to unlock it all.

Image of Linq pricing structure

Linq is a top product and has excellent reviews. If you are looking for cards only then there are more options on material elsewhere but if you want NFC enabled kit for exhibitions and conferences then Linq packages this up well.


Best Value for Money

Image fo TapTok Home screen

TapTok offers 3 types of cards; essentials, plastic, and metal. They also offer a dot that sticks to the back of your phone that can transform into a phone holder. Pretty neat!

Image of TapTok's dot technology that expands to become a phone holder

There is no app with TapTok so you set up your profile, link it to your card, and share away – super simple.

There are some good customization tools. You can add images, logos, backgrounds, and text. And of course, keeping with my example theme, a headshot!

Image of TapTok's customization tools

TapTok has some great reviews on the quality of the cards, simple setup, and ease of sharing. They also give you a user-friendly web portal to check out your card analytics such as the volume of profile feels, what links are most being clicked, and so on. 

Not bad for no ongoing subscription fee! 

Image of TapTok's web analytics that shows summary of card uses over time


  • The Essentials card is $9.99 with no subscription cost
  • Easily create and share your details including social media, payments, and websites 
  • Share via QR code or NFC – no app is required
  • Dot’s stick on phones and transform into a phone holder 
  • User-friendly web portal for analytics
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Carbon neutral company
  • No app may be a downside for some
  • Limited card options


The essentials card starts at $9.99, the plastic card comes in at $59.99, and the custom metal card at $99. The Dots are $25 if you want to add those on.

Image of TapTok's customized Metal Card option showing at $99

With no subscription fees, TapTok is a serious contender for what you get. If you want an NFC business card that you can customize with easy setup and no ongoing subscription fees then TapTok may be the one for you. 


Best for Team Management

Image of Mobilo's home screen

Mobilo is a leading player in the digital business card world. Their NFC capability is right up there with cards, dots, and key fobs available to make it as easy as possible to share your contact info.

Image of Mobilo's NFC smart button and key fobs with dimensions, thickness and design information

They’ve got a variety of materials to choose from, including sleek metal, natural wood, and classic plastic. And if personalization is your thing, they’ve got you covered with fully custom designs. 

Plus, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that Mobilo offset their carbon footprint by planting trees. That will be a big draw to some.

The cards aren’t the most customizable in terms of capability in the editor but you can add logos and designs along with your brand colors.

Image of example Mobilo card design
Image of example Mobilo card design

You’ll find you pay a little extra for customization but if you want to just get started you can pick up the standard Mobilo card with no customization at a pretty decent price.

Where Mobilo stands out is with its management software. It offers an app for lead data collection and sharing but also desktop capability where you can manage large teams, at scale.

The dashboards are well-designed and offer detailed insight into your team’s networking efforts.

Image of Mobilo's admin panel

The app also allows admins to create a team and add team members. Each team member can then create their own digital business card under the team’s account. This feature ensures that all team members have a professional-looking business card that aligns with the company’s branding and messaging.

Their team analytics make it easy to keep everything up to date on a team and user level.

Image of Mobilo's team management screens


  • Top-quality card materials that make a statement
  • Eco-friendly with trees planted for any wood cards purchased
  • Mobile and Desktop apps are easy to use with advanced analytics
  • Range of sharing options on top of NFC
  • Extensive integration capabilities
  • Support available has been slated by some user reviews
  • Customization options aren’t as extensive as some


Image of Mobilo's pricing structure

Mobilo offers 2 plans, Personal and Teams. Personal is a steal for a Mobilo branded card and all you get for a $4.99 one-time cost. If you go up to a custom-designed metal card, it is $69.50. 

Teams is slightly different. You will pay per employee, per year, plus the card cost. They will look at price discounts for larger teams but this model can get expensive fast if you aren’t careful so worth speaking to them to get a deal that works for you.

Added extras

Mobilo also offers added extras at a per-user, per-month fee. 

The first one is that they enrich lead data by adding key details such as job titles, company size, location, website, and LinkedIn info. This improves lead quality and enables real-time lead qualification, saving sales reps time on follow-ups.

They also off Zapier integration so you can automatically send leads to the over 3,000 connected apps that Zapier offer, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp.

Image of Zapier integration capability and logos of tools it can connect to

My take

If you have multiple teams across a large business that you want to enable with NFC business cards then you should definitely consider Mobilo and get a demo of the team management capability.

If you are just looking for a neat and clean NFC-enabled business card with no frills then check out the standard card as the price point is worth considering. For more advanced customizations then you may be better placed looking at another one on this list.


Best for Simplicity

Image of Dot's homescreen

Dot is an NFC digital business card platform that offers a simple and easy-to-use approach for sharing contact information. Dot only provides one type of plastic card and ‘dots’ as their NFC devices which allow you to share your details with a single tap.

Image of the range of dot cards
Image of the range of dot smart buttons

The platform offers customization options for your profile that generates a good-looking landing page with minimal effort. The image editing features are limited, so resizing a logo or profile picture is not possible within the platform so make sure these are good to go ahead of customizing. 

You can add social media links, web links, contact info, payment links, and much more to the landing page. You can share details via NFC or with a unique QR code. There is no mobile app available though, so you must set everything up through their website. This does work well on desktop and mobile.

Image of example dot landing screen


  • Simple and easy-to-use card design capability and sharing methods
  • Clean and simple landing page
  • Customization options for your profile, including social media links and different cards for different situations
  • Sharing through QR code and NFC – great for networking events
  • No frills approach with no ongoing subscription
  • Customization tools
  • Only plastic cards
  • No mobile app


Image of dot pricing structure

Dot offers their cards and ‘dots’ at a $20 one-time fee with unlimited updates and lifetime access to the website. Customized options cost $55 per card with discounts available for teams and bulk orders.

My take

Dot offers a no-frills approach to digital business cards, with a focus on ease of use and customization options for your profile. While the lack of a mobile app may be a downside for some, the platform offers simple and straightforward sharing options through NFC and QR codes.

The card design capability is easy to use, but the painful editing features are exactly that, painful. For the one-time fee with unlimited access and updates though, this is well worth a look to get you started on the NFC journey.

What are NFC Business Cards?

NFC business cards are a new generation of digital business cards that use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to transfer contact information from the card to a smartphone via a single tap. 

They are a modern alternative to traditional paper business cards and offer many benefits such as increased convenience, eco-friendliness, and the ability to track engagement with your card.

A Buyer’s Guide to NFC Digital Business Cards

There are a few things you will want to consider when looking at what NFC business card will be best for you.

Landing Page Design

Your landing page can make or break the first impression of potential clients or customers. A well-designed landing page can instantly communicate your brand’s personality, showcase your professionalism, and differentiate you from the competition. 

When considering a digital business card provider, look for options that offer customizable landing pages with sleek and modern designs that align with your brand image.

Branding and Customization

Your digital business card should showcase your unique brand identity and help you stand out in a crowded market. When choosing a provider, look for options that allow for customization of your branding, including logos, colors, and fonts. 

This will help ensure that your digital business card feels like an extension of your brand and makes a lasting impression on potential clients or customers.

Analytics and Tracking

Measuring the effectiveness of your digital business card can be challenging without proper analytics and tracking capabilities. When evaluating providers, look for options that offer in-depth analytics and tracking tools, such as the ability to track views, clicks, and downloads. 

This will help you understand how your digital business card is performing and make informed decisions about future updates and optimizations.

Ease of Use

Your digital business card provider should give a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and get everything set up with ease. Look for options that offer intuitive drag-and-drop editors, easy-to-use customization tools, and streamlined sharing options. 

This will save you a ton of time and pain in the long run!

Integration and Compatibility

When evaluating NFC business cards, look for options that offer integrations with the tools you use most often, as well as compatibility with a variety of devices and platforms. It should seamlessly integrate with your existing tools and platforms, such as your CRM or email marketing software. 

This will help ensure that the data you collect is in the best place to be acted upon.


Are NFC Business Cards worth it?

NFC business cards are worth it for many reasons. These include the ease to transfer contact details, links, and landing pages on the go.

Are NFC business cards secure?

Yes, NFC business cards are secure. NFC technology uses very short-range radio frequencies. Radio frequencies are highly secure and the short-range nature of NFC means that hackers would need to be on top of you to gain access to your NFC signal.

Do I need an app to use an NFC business card?

In most cases, you do not need an app to use NFC business cards. Some vendors offer the use of an app to capture lead details and set up your profile. To share contact details though, you do not need an app and critically, neither does the recipient you are sharing contact information with.

What is the price of an NFC business card?

NFC business cards range in price from $4.99 one-time cost up to $100 one-time cost for premium customized cards + a subscription fee. 

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about needing a way to share your contact details then no doubt NFC cards should be considered. Opt for something like Dot if you want a no-frills, one-time cost then run-with-it type card.

If you want some bells and whistles then invest with Popl as they are here to stay. That way you can take advantage of the updates they make in the years to come!

Check out this Popl vs Dot article for a deep dive into real-world setup and usage – it will definitely help you make your decision on which way is best for your needs.

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