9 Best Sales Forecasting Software That Are Killer Accurate

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As a sales leader, you will know the importance of being able to forecast your sales. But you will also know that it’s one of the hardest things to do, and do well.

Thankfully, there are now a number of different software options and steps you can take that can help you get a more accurate picture of your future sales.  

If you are short of time and want a quick summary of the best sales forecasting software available then here they are.  

Best Overall Capability

Promises 98% accuracy on sales forecasting

Best for Revenue Operations

Bringing forecasting and Revenue Operations together

Best for Predictive Forecasting

Advanced predictive modeling capability makes this a great

According to a study by Gartner, only 45% of sales leaders and sellers have high confidence in their sales forecasts. This means that 55% of the time, the people closest to your prospects aren’t sure of their sales forecasts so how can you base critical business decisions on them?

Some of the products reviewed in this article are sales forecasting tools within CRMs, revenue operations, and revenue intelligence software products as well as stand-alone forecasting solutions to give a rounded view of what’s available.

Ok, let’s get to it.

What is the best Sales Forecasting Software?

There are many sales forecasting software options available today. So which one is the best? This won’t be the same answer for every business as it will depend on your business sector, current sales tools deployed, and exactly what you need from your sales forecasting.

This article rounds up all the options available so you can be sure you will make the best decision for all your forecasting needs.

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1. Aviso

Best Overall

Best sales forecasting software


Aviso is an incredible sales forecasting software that uses advanced AI and machine learning to provide sales teams with accurate revenue predictions and actionable insights to optimize sales performance.

They promise 98% accuracy so if accuracy is your number one problem, take a deep dive into this one.

Top Features

  • Can configure your own hierarchy independent of the CRM you use
  • Carry out what-if scenarios
  • AI-driven Winscore Explanations which incorporate CRM data, multi-channel engagement, deal notes, conversations, and past trends of deals and accounts. 
  • AI-powered ‘Time Series Engine’ that crunches past and current data to spot, present, and alert sales reps and managers to their past forecasting performance
  • Able to pivot across regions, accounts, net-new, products, accounts, and renewals and look at revenue across the complete funnel, segments, or usage
  • Identify deals at risk of slipping much faster than traditional CRM-based forecasting tools – use Aviso’s smart dashboards to commit in one click and move upside deals to replace the ones at risk.
Aviso Dashboard


There are 2 packages available, a virtual selling solution that can then be upgraded to their Enterprise solution. Pricing isn’t available but they are a team of trusted experts so make contact if you feel AI insights will be a game changer for your sales forecasting.

My take

Aviso is the perfect tool for any sales team. This powerful sales forecasting software helps you analyze past performances to accurately predict future outcomes, offering invaluable insights into your customer habits and behavior. 

Utilizing machine learning capabilities to monitor trends and optimize forecasts, Aviso can help any business stay ahead with its accurate and proactive approach to sales, making it easily one of the best forecasting systems on the market today.

This will change your sales forecasting process for good.

2. Mediafly Intelligence360 (formerly InsightSquared)

Best for Revenue Intelligence

Intelligence360 Home Screen


Intelligence360 is an awesome sales enablement and interactive content platform from Mediafly. Now, with InsightSquared’s cutting-edge AI and machine learning capabilities, this powerful solution promises to deliver advanced predictive analytics and be sniper accurate in sales forecasting, every time.

Top Features

  • AI and Machine Learning-driven “Confidence to Close” and “Ideal Customer Profile” scores for accurate forecasting
  • Intuitive and user-friendly UI for ease of use
  • Dashboards designed for effective pipeline review meetings and rep development
  • Automatic roll-up of forecasts with simple and graphical dashboards for managers to review and approve
  • Integrations with leading CRMs for a single source of truth data in analytics
  • Gain a best-of-breed predictive analytics and revenue operations platform for reliable business decision-making.
Intelligence360 Dashboard


No pricing options are available as it depends on what part of the suite you take on. Pricing requests can be made directly. 

My take

Intelligence360 utilizes a ton of AI and machine learning to provide scoring, analytics, and insights that other forecasting software simply can’t do. 

If you have a large team with reps spread across geography then this should be a solid contender. The information is presented in a way to not only identify and remedy the gaps but also highlight where some coaching would be useful to sure up the forecast next time.

3. Boostup

Best for Predictive Forecasting

BoostUp - Home Screen


BoostUp is an AI-powered platform that should not be taken lightly. It offers predictive sales forecasting that uses Machine Learning algorithms designed specifically for predictive modeling. 

This means it can crunch a massive amount of data and put intelligence around future forecasting models. This coupled with the intuitive and user-friendly insights it generates, makes it an invaluable tool for most that have invested in it.

BoostUp - Customer Testimonial

Top Features

  • Advanced modeling capability for analyzing complex data sets and presenting actionable insights
  • Complex machine learning algorithms that are built for predictive modeling.
  • Consideration of internal and external factors for forecasting, such as seasonality and past sales data
  • Collaborate with reps and sales managers through bi-directional workflow screens for top-down and bottom-up forecasting with your sales team, geography, and organization roll-ups
  • Full open API with connections to common CRMs, Revenue Operations, Revenue Intelligence, Proposal Software and communication apps
  • Improved sales planning through the use of accurate forecast data, including territory planning, quota, and target setting, and account segmentation
BoostUp UI Alerts


Pricing is available on request.

My take

BoostUp is the best at predictive sales forecasting as it has developed proprietary advanced machine learning algorithms that are built for predictive modeling. 

It uses historical data to generate accurate predictions and identify patterns in sales trends, allowing sales teams to make informed decisions and optimize their sales strategy. 

4. Gong

Best for Selling on the Phone

Gong Home Screen


Gong is a sales coaching and enablement platform that uses that data to offer sales forecasting capability. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze data from sales interactions and historical performance to provide a more accurate sales forecast. 

Top Features

  • Warnings and alerts for reps driven by AI-powered insights, so your sales reps can take action to save them.
  • Analytics show what factors led to missed opportunities so you can use that information to improve your sales strategies and close more deals in the future.
  • Always-on forecasting that updates in real-time, based on data from sales calls and other sources.
  • Easily integrate with popular sales tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Google, and O365, so you can use the system seamlessly with your existing workflow.
  • Fast and easy to implement the system so you can get from time to value in no time. 
  • Fantastic customer service.
Gong Dashboard - Risks
Gong Dashboard - Forecast


Pricing is available on request. It is priced per user with an added platform fee.

My take

Gong is a leader in the revenue intelligence software category and its ability to listen in on sales reps and drive insights from what the prospects say and how they say it is one of the best and most interesting new data sources to influence sales forecasting.

If you have a lot of reps or SDRs that sell over the phone, then Gong could be what you are missing to get those forecasts nailed down.

5. HubSpot

Best within CRM

HubSpot - Home Screen


Hubspot is a leading CRM that includes robust sales forecasting capability along with its leading sales pipeline management features. Combining these helps users to predict future revenue, generate accurate sales forecasts, and measure performance with real-time data.

With Hubspot’s sales forecasting capability, you can predict not only your future revenue but also identify potential risks in your pipeline and track performance with real-time data, allowing you to optimize your sales strategy and close more deals than ever before.

Top Features

  • Easily integrate with your existing HubSpot CRM for seamless sales forecasting and performance tracking.
  • Create custom forecasting categories and models to align with your specific business needs.
  • Get a comprehensive view of sales performance across teams, regions, and the entire organization with flexible roll-up and breakdown capabilities.
  • Leverage the power of HubSpot’s sales analytics and reporting tools for deeper insights into deal, forecast, and rep performance.
  • No need for additional implementation or integration fees if you already use HubSpot.
  • Use a leading CRM vendor’s solution to continuously improve forecasting accuracy and expand the system as your business grows.
HubSpot - Forecast Dashboard


HubSpot - Pricing

HubSpot has various levels of CRM. From their free version right up to the Enterprise level there is great functionality available but forecasting is only available in their Professional and Enterprise level packages. Take a look at the detailed feature comparison to gain a better understanding of what’s on offer. 

My take

HubSpot is a CRM leader and has the best forecasting capability within a CRM without any additional plugins or costs added on top. If you already use HubSpot or need a CRM to manage pipeline as well as forecasting then this could do both for you. 

If you have a CRM already then I would look elsewhere for other solutions outside of CRMs.

6. PipeDrive

Best for Customization

Pipedrive - Home Screen


Pipedrive is a sales forecasting software that helps businesses take control of their sales process. With Pipedrive’s customizable pipelines, users can easily forecast and manage future deals, revenue, and performance.

Top Features

  • Custom fields and drag-and-drop make Pipedrive one of the easiest to use
  • Comparison views for open deals vs similar closed won deals so you can gain insight and align your win strategy to increase forecast accuracy and conversion rates
  • Intuitive dashboards for reps and managers to make informed and collaborative pipeline and forecast discussions.
  • Live forecasting and visibility into every buyer interaction for more accurate sales forecasting.
  • Use past sales data to improve current deals and hit forecasts.
  • Expand to Pipedrive’s full CRM for more data and insights if desired

If you have a ton of deal data, Boostup will definitely make forecasting far easier for you.


Pipedrive - pricing

There are 4 plans available; Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Only the Professional and Enterprise contain revenue forecasting and projections so bear that in mind when assessing the costs of these solutions.

My take

Pipedrive is a great forecasting solution and truly does deliver in the UI and customization options it offers. If you find you have lazy reps that always blame how hard it is to update things and you can’t get control of them, this could be the one for you. 

If you want more advanced AI then there are better ones on this list to check out.

7. Anaplan

Best for Strategic Enterprise Forecasting

Anaplan - Homescreen


Anaplan is a powerful cloud-based platform for sales forecasting and performance management. It brings together multiple systems and data sets so that you have a single source of truth analytics platform. 

With its intuitive user interface, advanced analytics capabilities, and real-time integration with other systems, Anaplan will enable you to quickly build, deploy and manage sophisticated sales forecasting models that accurately predict future demand.

Top Features

  • Advanced modeling capability for analyzing complex data sets and presenting actionable insights
  • Consideration of internal and external factors for forecasting, such as seasonality and past sales data
  • Collaboration features for top-down and bottom-up forecasting with team, geography, and organization roll-ups
  • Full open API with connections to common CRMs, Revenue Operations, Revenue Intelligence, and communication apps
  • Improved sales planning through the use of accurate forecast data, including territory planning, quota and target setting, and account segmentation
  • Complete insight into sales data through the integration of all useful information


Anaplan - pricing

Anaplan offers Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans. They have a handy feature comparison available so you can see where you might sit. 

My take

Anaplan will no doubt carry a cost but for large enterprises that have multiple systems and a disparate tech landscape then this could be what you are looking for.

I know from experience the pain of trying to roll up a global forecast when there is more than one pipeline management system in play. Anaplan can solve that and then some.

8. Spotio

Best for Field Selling

Spotio - Homescreen


Spotio is a sales acceleration platform that provides features such as lead tracking, territory management, and predictive analytics to help sales teams improve their sales forecasting and deal conversion. 

It is aimed toward field sellers that are on the road day after day. What it does extremely well is provide a UI that is so easy to use that even field sellers from their car can update their deal details using the hyper-intuitive mobile app. 

And that’s where Spotio comes in. If your field reps add data more often, your forecasts will become more accurate. 

Spotio - Communication dashboard

Top Features

  • Lead tracking and territory management to help sales teams prioritize and manage their sales activities
  • Predictive analytics to generate accurate sales forecasting and identify patterns in sales trends
  • Real-time data updates and alerts on pipeline changes and forecasted deals, which help the sales team stay on top of the sales forecast
  • Mobile app for field sellers to update deal details on the go
  • Advanced reporting and analytics to monitor sales performance, identify areas of improvement, and make data-driven decisions
  • Collaboration and communication tools to keep sales team aligned and informed on sales progress and forecasting.


Spotio - Pricing

Spotio offers 4 levels of packages. If you are after sales forecasting then you will want to opt for Pro or Enterprise. Pricing is available on request. It is based on the number of users and exact features you will deploy

My take

Spotio is a cracking field sales engagement platform. Its forecasting reports and analysis aren’t the best you will find, but what it does do is provide the simplest tools to get your field sales team to update their deal data more often.

For sales managers that have a large team of disparate sellers that are out on the road, this could be a game changer to get the data you so desperately need to increase your forecasting accuracy.

9. Engati

Best for AI Chatbots and data mining

Engati - Homescreen


OK, so not a traditional option you might be thinking but hear me out. According to Engati, 69% of businesses think their sales forecasting efforts are inaccurate. 

Their chatbot platform offers a wide range of features such as sales forecasting, customer engagement, and automation, however, it does this via Chatbot insights and collating other data sources.

It’s a unique take but with the chatbot explosion we are in, not one to be taken lightly. This adds a new channel to influence lead scores and aid in overall sales forecasting.

Top Features

  • Multi-channel standard integrations with WhatsApp, Shopify, Instagram, and Live chat
  • Predictive analytics based on behavior data from chatbots and other sources
  • Bots assist with lead scoring by identifying buying signals and high-converting leads
  • Sentiment analysis to influence future projections
  • Enhanced accuracy of sales forecast through identification of patterns and buying signals by the bots deployed.


Pricing is available on request.

My take

Engati is a leading platform that helps businesses with their customer engagement and automation needs through the use of chatbots and AI. 

Whether this is for you, will depend on your sector and how you interact with your clients. If you look for short-term forecasting and touch your potential clients through chat platforms, Engati can certainly help find trends and forecast more effectively. 

What is Sales Forecasting Software

Sales forecasting software is a tool that uses data analysis and predictive algorithms to help businesses estimate future sales. 

It analyzes historical sales data, market trends, and other internal and external factors to generate accurate future sales predictions. This allows businesses to make informed decisions, plan inventory and resources, and optimize their sales strategy for better results. 

Sales forecasting software can be integrated with other systems such as CRM and ERP and is available in different platforms such as Web, mobile, and Cloud.

Your Buyers Guide – What to look for

When assessing sales forecasting software, you should consider a variety of things to make sure you buy the right one to fit your needs. The following things should be taken into account to ensure you will make the best decision possible.

  • Look for software that offers accurate and reliable predictions based on advanced algorithms and historical data analysis. You should definitely speak with the vendor and see this in action. Take some examples and ask to see them in action to make sure it works how you would expect
  • Check for integration capabilities with other systems such as CRM and ERP and if these are standard or will cost more to deploy
  • Assess the ease of use and navigation of the software. This is fundamental if you want to get your sales team on board!
  • Consider if the software is customizable and flexible to adapt to your specific business needs. It may not be needed immediately but try not to get locked down if you can help it
  • Consider the availability of updates, support, and maintenance to ensure the software stays up-to-date, performs optimally and if you get any issues, they will get solved quickly and easily. 


What tools do you use to forecast sales trends?

You use sales analytics tools to forecast and predict sales trends. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, such as HubSpot and SalesForce have basic forecasting capabilities. Revenue Intelligence and Operation solutions, such as Aviso, InsightlySquared, and BoostUp have more advanced tools to forecast sales trends. 

These tools use complex machine learning algorithms and AI to analyze historical data as well as internal and external factors to identify and present patterns in sales trends, allowing for more accurate predictions throughout the complete sales cycle.

Which software is best for forecasting

Aviso is the best forecasting software. It delivers complex AI and machine learning capabilities along with a user-friendly user interface. It offers scenario modeling as well as being capable of integrating with all other systems in your sales tech stack to gather all the data needed to provide the most accurate forecasts possible.


Sales forecasting software tools can be a tough one to crack as many vendors shout about their AI and Machine Learning capabilities which to most, doesn’t mean much, and, it’s difficult to test and see it in action in a way we understand.

It’s clear that the contenders on this list are leaders in their field and will provide solutions to get your forecasts far more accurate than taking a manual approach.

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