200+ Essential Sales Tools in 2023 (The Ultimate Guide)

Image of tools laid out on to table

I have used many sales tools over the last few years. Some are hard work and add little value but others are game changers. I call these out as we go as my personal experience may just well save you a few bucks and a BIG headache!

With the rise of AI sales tools, traditional sales software has had to up its game. These contenders certainly have.

If you are just browsing to see how your existing tech stack holds up and what you might be missing then buckle up, we have it all covered. 

The Categories

There are tons of sales tool categories and there seem to be new ones popping up every day. Vendors look to differentiate themselves by coining new categories but that doesn’t help you, the buyer, navigate through the market.

But the truth is, most sales tools offer some level of Automation, Execution, Acceleration, Productivity – that’s the point of the technology after all. 

So we have excluded these as defined categories as there would be considerable overlap and categorized them based on primary function which should help you understand the actual types of tools available and the problems they are solving.

OK, let’s get to it. First up, CRMs.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A good CRM system can help businesses of all sizes by providing a centralized platform to manage customer interactions, automate sales processes, and improve customer engagement. 

With a wide range of paid and free CRM systems available in the market, businesses can choose the one that best suits their needs and helps them stay ahead of the competition. 


Most likely doesn’t need any introduction, one of the market leaders in CRM is Salesforce. Businesses can access a comprehensive suite of tools to manage customer interactions and automate sales processes. The system offers AI-powered Einstein Analytics, which enables sales teams to make data-driven decisions, improve forecasting accuracy, and identify opportunities for growth. If you’ve got the budget, you won’t go far wrong with Salesforce. I have used it for years and it’s never let me down.


This is a true all-in-one inbound marketing and sales platform that provides businesses with a range of features, including lead management, email marketing, and social media management. The system also includes a free CRM, which allows businesses to manage their customer interactions without incurring any cost. Great for startups that will scale into paid features in time.


A sales-focused CRM system that streamlines sales processes, tracks deals, and monitors performance metrics. Sales teams can take advantage of PipeDrive’s customizable pipeline view to visualize their sales process and identify bottlenecks that need to be addressed.


Close is aimed at startup founders and SMB business owners looking to increase sales. It provides a user-friendly interface, robust features like lead and pipeline management, and integrates with other popular business tools, making it an effective solution for sales teams to manage their sales processes. It also offers a 14-day free trial so you can get going and see how it will work for you with no risk attached.


Freshworks provides businesses with a range of tools to manage customer interactions, automate sales processes, and improve customer engagement. The system includes a built-in chatbot that allows businesses to engage with customers in real-time and provide them with personalized support.

Agile CRM

This delivers a comprehensive range of CRM tools but also excels in its customer service offering. The system offers social media integration, enabling you to monitor and engage with customers on social media platforms. It is also one of the best looking and has great usability.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the big players and has great scalability. It can be a bit complex to use but the power it can provide is very impressive. In addition to its CRM features, Zoho CRM includes a project management tool that enables businesses to manage projects and collaborate with team members within the system.


Here is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service automation platform that doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. It is solid in Sales and Marketing and includes a unique 360-degree contact view along with some really accurate lead scoring. The system also includes an appointment scheduling tool, allowing you to schedule appointments with customers and prospects directly from the CRM.


A project management and productivity platform by nature before it added traditional CRM features. It offers a range of tools to manage opportunities, tasks, projects, and workflows. The system allows you to customize the dashboards to create personalized views of their tasks and projects based on their specific needs.


Apptivo provides a range of CRM functions but isn’t the most advanced. However, at the price point this comes in at, it’s worth featuring so you can see what Salesforce vs Apptivo might look like. The system does include a contract management tool, enabling businesses to create, manage, and track contracts within the system along with invoicing and project management features which is a nice touch.


Implement, and then grow, is the name of the game with this CRM. With fast implementation, advanced sales automation tooling, and a month-by-month fee structure (no contract needed), small businesses can get started in no time, risk-free.


If you are a Google Workspace user and rely on GMail for your email outreach then NetHunt can help automate much of that. With leading GMail and LinkedIn integrations, it can automate a lot of the mundane tasks your sales reps, BDRs, and marketing teams are probably doing.


Salesmate is a CRM and automation software that helps businesses increase revenue and build relationships with customers. With built-in communication and collaboration tools, Salesmate stands out from some competitors by offering powerful calling and texting features in 90+ countries, making it an all-in-one solution for sales teams.

Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I)

Revenue operations and intelligence systems are a category of sales tools that help businesses manage and optimize their revenue-generating processes. 


Our first platform that features twice, Revenue is one of the leaders in sales engagement, conversational intelligence, and revenue operations. It provides a centralized platform to manage revenue operations, from forecasting to deal management and execution. With its sales process automation capabilities and built-in AI functions, sales teams can spend more time on high-value activities, resulting in higher revenue growth.


This revenue intelligence system provides businesses with advanced analytics and forecasting capabilities, enabling them to optimize their sales performance, identify and manage risks early and increase revenue growth. By tracking and analyzing customer engagement across multiple channels, it provides a holistic view of the customer journey, leading to improved sales effectiveness. As said by a customer:

‘Clari empowers us with the trusted insights we need to understand if we’re on pace to meet or exceed revenue goals. Early indicators provided by Clari enable us to move swiftly on critical decisions.’


Ever wanted to empower sales teams to work smarter and close more deals? I already know the answer to that so look into providing them with AI intelligence, deal health insights, and sales execution workflows. With Outreach, sales reps, and managers can engage with prospects, collaborate with buyers, conduct successful sales meetings, and manage their pipeline and deals more efficiently. By leveraging Outreach’s features and capabilities, sales teams can increase their productivity, improve their forecasting accuracy, and achieve their revenue goals.


BoostUp has been named a Momentum Leader and RO&I Leader in the G2 Grid for the third quarter in a row, with 29 badges and 13 #1 rankings across four categories in the Summer 2022 report. The platform received recognition for its performance, usability, implementation, and ease of use.

It empowers every member of the revenue team to execute with process mastery, data, and intelligence, resulting in predictable revenue growth. 

AI drives more accurate forecasting and the platform claims to deliver top-line benefits to your revenue team, including a 53% increase in net dollar retention, a 69% increase in quantifiable revenue benefits, and 95% forecast accuracy from day one of the quarter. Quite some numbers!


Attention sales leaders and CEOs with this one! With 6sense Revenue AI™, you can align your team on one platform, deliver superior customer experiences, and drive predictable revenue growth. 

From illuminating hidden buyer behavior to applying the power of AI across the entire buyer journey, 6sense provides crucial insights that empower your team to make the most of every digital investment. 

As an example: Showpad improved close rates by 289% using 6sense Sales Intelligence.

Mediafly Intelligence360 (formerly InsightSquared)

Intelligence360 is a no-code revenue intelligence solution that helps revenue teams manage their pipeline, forecasting, and growth journey with real-time data and insights. The platform enables teams to identify pipeline risks and opportunities, manage rep efficiency, and track goals across the customer journey to increase win rates and shorten sales cycles.

It’s worth pointing out that Mediafly has acquired multiple point solution sales technologies and has integrated them into its sales enablement and engagement platform. Mediafly can therefore offer a wider range of sales capabilities if desired.


Aviso offers several products for revenue intelligence and is one of the most intelligent sales forecasting software available right now. ‘Aviso One’ offers sales leaders a single view for forecasting and deal intelligence by integrating multiple CRM instances into one platform. Aviso Graph provides relationship insights from all data within Aviso while ensuring GDPR and CCPA compliance. 

Aviso Learn is an Auto Machine-Learning pipeline that handles feature selection, hyperparameter tuning, learning algorithm selection, and model building. Aviso Replay is a proprietary time-series AI engine that continuously monitors every change across every object and field, enabling sales leaders to get 100% data isolation and incremental AI insights. 

These tools, combined with Aviso’s advanced machine learning and deep learning models, offer sales leaders the ability to make more dynamic forecast and churn models, resulting in more accurate predictions and better-informed decisions.


Want to maximize your revenue growth with a Data-First Revenue Operations & Intelligence solution? People may be the system for you. Connect buyer engagement to deal outcomes, build high-quality pipelines, and deliver predictable growth quarter after quarter. 

With AI-powered insights, you can unlock growth for every account and opportunity, unify all buyer and seller activity to create a winning playbook, and consistently hit your pipeline, new business, and expansion targets.

Image showing People.ai platform setup

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

If your sales philosophy is it hone in on specific accounts then ABM platforms can make the difference. These tools offer several channels, such as display advertising and retargeting, social advertising, content syndication, web personalization, and email, to reach out to your intended audience.

When you couple this with long-form content created by AI writers, like byword, you can direct your whole content and marketing strategy toward your key target accounts for maximum reach.


You can take your account-based sales strategy to the next level with Demandbase One™. Build a clear, holistic view of your accounts, prioritize in-market accounts with intent data, engage with the people that matter based on real-time activity, and seal the deal by anticipating key players’ interests. 

It stops your reps from wasting time on individual buyers and focusing on the big picture to unlock the full potential of an account you want to target. It’s quite clever really and a tool many wouldn’t be without once they have got it.


Sendinblue’s ABM solution offers a comprehensive set of features that enable businesses to target key decision-makers within accounts, engage with them through personalized messaging, and track interactions for more effective follow-up. I have seen this transform how businesses operate and transition to ABM sales.


Triblio is a comprehensive ABM platform that offers a range of features to help businesses drive revenue growth. Its account-based advertising capabilities enable businesses to target key decision-makers with personalized ads across a variety of channels, while its web personalization tools enable businesses to deliver targeted content to visitors based on their account attributes. 


Terminus offers a comprehensive ABM platform that is complemented by its team of experts. With onboarding, strategy, media, and programmatic experts, Terminus provides unrivaled guidance and support to ensure the platform maps to your strategy. This includes tactical playbooks to support your execution so hitting your goals shouldn’t be a question mark. This is a system and service I wish had when I started out with ABM!


With RollWorks you can find and engage the right accounts with personalized ads, chat, and email with the combination of B2B lead generation and outbound tools. You can create custom segments based on intent data and buyer behavior, and then use those segments to deliver targeted campaigns across channels. 

For instance, you can use RollWorks to target high-value accounts showing buying signals on LinkedIn with personalized ads, and then follow up with a custom chat message when they visit your website to increase engagement and accelerate the pipeline.


Revegy’s Account Planning Platform helps sales teams win bigger deals and drive revenue growth from the existing account base. By providing a clear and actionable view of each customer’s buying team, priorities, and potential roadblocks, sales reps can develop account-specific plans that align with the customer’s goals and drive value for both parties. 

By using Revegy’s platform to map out an account’s buying team, a sales rep can identify key decision-makers, influencers, and blockers, and create targeted strategies to engage each one and move the deal forward instead of using the often sporadic account plans and strategies that are out there.


PFL is an account-based marketing platform that allows you to create custom direct mail and gift campaigns, build meaningful connections, and get real-time tracking and reporting. It integrates with leading CRM platforms like Salesforce and Marketo, saving time and effort while helping to close more deals.


JABMO is a comprehensive account-based marketing (ABM) software platform that enables B2B organizations to create personalized engagement experiences across all channels. It helps users quickly develop account engagement strategies that support their overall ABM objectives and track performance across all channels in real time. 

Pre-Sales Operations


Vivun is a presales operations platform that helps manage the presales process from start to finish. With Vivun, teams can optimize their demos, analyze sales data, and collaborate more efficiently. For example, Vivun can help identify which demos are most effective, identify gaps within the product for enhanced R&D spend, and allows teams to allocate their resources more strategically and improve overall performance.


Homerun streamlines the presales process, optimizes performance, and scales presales teams efficiently reducing onboarding by weeks.. With standardized presales processes, automated activity tracking, and real-time alerts, presales teams can save up to 8 hours per week and reduce sales cycles by 16%, resulting in a 15% increase in win rates. 

By capturing and prioritizing product gaps and feature requests, presales teams can align with product teams and recover lost revenue. Automated activity tracking helps teams understand their workload and utilization, identify areas for improvement, and justify headcount to scale the team effectively, ultimately leading to better presales results.


This is a Salesforce-native framework designed to empower presales teams with the tools they need to manage workloads, prioritize tasks, and communicate market needs to product teams seamlessly. As the frontline of your software company, your presales team can gain a competitive edge by tracking their technical pipeline, streamlining deliverables, and identifying gaps in your product to eliminate deal friction and boost revenue impact.

Prospecting & Lead Generation

For any rep just getting into SaaS sales, they will need to build a strong lead generation machine. WIth the help of these tools, the sky is the limit.


ZoomInfo is one of the leaders in this category and it’s easy to see why. You can find your ideal customers faster and easier with their advanced search and filtering capabilities. Access accurate, up-to-date data on millions of companies and professionals to improve your lead generation and prospecting efforts. ZoomInfo’s AI-powered insights help you better understand your prospects, personalize your outreach, and increase your conversion rates.


With Cognism, you can access a database of millions of contacts and companies and it provides accurate and verified mobile phone numbers and B2B emails of key decision-makers, resulting in 7x more live conversations than other sales intelligence providers – so they say! 

It offers unrestricted access to personal and company-level data and covers international markets, making it unique compared to its competitors. ZoomInfo doesn’t hold up too well in Europe. Cognism states that their phone-verified mobiles and validated emails result in 98% accuracy, freeing up more time for reps to talk to the right people, improve close rates, and stay GDPR compliant.


UpLead is a prospecting tool that helps businesses build a clean list of prospects, with a 95% or higher accuracy guarantee. With over 50 search filters, users can find contacts and companies that match their buyer profile and obtain verified email, phone numbers, and technology information in real time. UpLead also offers intent data, allowing businesses to identify and engage with buyers who are actively looking to buy their solution before their competitors do.


Apollo is a platform that understands the importance of prospecting. It allows businesses to reach, engage, and close deals with 250+ million verified leads across 60+ million companies. The platform offers fresh and accurate data, with over 150 million verified emails and mobile numbers, and allows for laser-precision search and targeting of prospects. 

Apollo can be used as an all-in-one platform or integrated with other sales engagement tools and offers free and low-commitment price plans that fit any budget. The platform has over 20,000 paying customers and is ranked as a top solution on G2 Crowd.


Lusha is a B2B company and contacts data platform that helps sales teams to find and reach the right decision-makers to close more deals. The platform provides the highest accuracy, and globally compliant data trusted by one million users. 

It also features advanced filters, alerts, and insights that enable reps to pinpoint their ideal customers, build precise lists, and enrich their CRM with actionable data. Unique selling points of Lusha include its unrivaled data quality, workflow automation, and ISO 27701 certification for data privacy and security.


This is a powerful tool that enables users to connect with decision-makers using its massive database of verified contact information for 700 million professionals worldwide. RocketReach is trusted by over 15.1 million users and 95% of the S&P 500, making it one of the most widely used and essential tools for sales, marketing, and recruiting teams to prospect, connect, and converse with leads at scale.


Hunter is a powerful email finder tool that allows sales teams to quickly and easily find email addresses for their prospects. With Hunter, users can search for email addresses by domain, company name, or specific people. The platform also offers email verification and validation tools to ensure the accuracy of email addresses. 


A lead generation tool that offers over 25 filters to search for companies and contacts, making it easy to build contact lists with precision. It enables users to drive quality prospects directly to their CRM for efficient engagement, and its real-time enrichment feature automatically fills company and contact data for leads. Adapt also ensures accurate data with its database, which processes 2 million updates weekly.


Want 96% accurate inbox response verified emails and the most B2B Direct Dial Phone Numbers in the industry? Lead411 reckon they have it. With Bombora Intent Data (Bombora is found within the Data and Integration category of this list), you can easily identify and target companies and contacts that are actively searching for your services which is a big head start to your outreach. 


There is nothing worse than seeing loads of website traffic but getting no leads or contact details to follow up with. Enter Leadfeeder, a tool that identifies companies that visit your website and provides employee contact information. It sends qualified leads to your CRM and email, enabling you to connect with decision-makers who are already engaging with your content. This allows you to automate your lead generation funnel, score leads, and send alerts to the appropriate sales representative for real-time action.


UserGems offers a solution to track job changes of previous customers and key contacts in target accounts, allowing for qualified pipeline generation, deal acceleration, and churn prevention. With best-in-class data from LinkedIn and publicly available sources, UserGems monitors target accounts for missing key contacts and job changes, helping companies with ABM, multi-threading, and ad audience building. 


As a sales rep, I have spent countless hours talking to people and then only finding out they aren’t the key decision maker. Frustrating to say the least. That’s where Crucnhbase can help as it’s an intelligent, all-in-one prospecting tool that helps users discover, qualify, and connect with key decision-makers at companies with buying power, saving valuable time and boosting their pipeline. 

By analyzing funding data, news, and other key indicators, Crunchbase can help you identify new prospects, understand market trends, and prioritize your outreach efforts. 


LeadFuze is a B2B lead generation platform that uses AI and automation to help businesses build targeted lead lists. With its intuitive interface, detailed reporting, and actionable insights, LeadFuze can help businesses achieve measurable results, such as increased revenue, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI. 

For example, LeadFuze users have reported up to a 400% increase in lead generation and a 200% increase in productivity, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to scale their sales operations and drive growth.


Echobot is geared toward the European market and has a comprehensive B2B lead database to mine that complies with all the relevant personal and business privacy laws within each country. If you have tried Zoom Info but have not found much useful data for Europe, Echobot may be a good one to try.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn doesn’t need much introduction but the Sales Navigator upgrade may do. Sales professionals who want to leverage LinkedIn’s network to find and connect with potential customers, build strong relationships, and ultimately drive more sales will need the upgrade as it offers advanced search and filtering, helps to uncover key signals of your buyers, and provides real-time alerts among many other useful social selling tools.


Leadleaper is a powerful lead-generation tool that helps businesses find and engage with potential customers. The platform offers a range of features, including email finding, contact list building, and data enrichment. Its Chrome extension is a huge timesaver for sales reps as it allows contact data to be gathered from the web and LinkedIn, then integrated into their CRM or marketing platform with just a few clicks.


As sales reps get leads from conferences and events, they don’t need to gather and sort through loads of business cards anymore. You can now scan them or share details digitally and get the right prospects straight into your CRM with all the relevant contact details with a digital business card platform such as Haystack. 



Salesroom is an AI-powered web conferencing platform that provides actionable data and analysis to help drive successful pitches while making it easy to share content, context, and insights from meetings. Its innovative features include real-time insights and airtime analysis, allowing for adjustments mid-call, and a customizable experience from the lobby to the meeting room. According to VP of Enterprise, Peter Ahn, Salesroom’s “1-3 mins long highlights reel of an entire sales conversation is a game-changer.”


Webex is a cloud-based web conferencing platform trusted by 95% of Fortune 500 companies, making it a reliable and flexible solution for sales teams. Its immersive sharing and messaging features, along with integrations with industry-leading apps such as Salesforce, enable sales teams to engage with customers more effectively and increase sales productivity.

MS Teams

A standard if you are a Microsoft shop. Try asking your IT team for web conferencing facilities and the usual answer is ‘what’s wrong with MS Teams?’. To be fair, it does the job and if you work across a multi-disciplinary sales team then you can tag colleagues on specific Teams channels and chats whilst on the call and speak with them – just make sure you don’t ask any sensitive questions in the call chat. It wouldn’t be the first time that’s been done!

Google Meet

Google Meet is a reliable and easy-to-use web conferencing platform that integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace applications. Its features, such as screen sharing and live captioning, can enhance the sales conference experience and facilitate communication among participants. Google Meet also offers a cost-effective solution for businesses, with pricing plans ranging from free to enterprise-level subscriptions.


Zoom is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform with a range of features, making it a great choice for sales conference calls. With its virtual backgrounds, breakout rooms, and annotation tools, Zoom allows sales teams to collaborate more effectively and engage with clients in a more dynamic way. Additionally, Zoom’s advanced security features and large gallery view option make it a secure and visually impactful choice for sales calls.

Go To Meeting

With features like HD video, screen sharing, and one-click meetings, GoTo Meeting offers a fully loaded and secure web conferencing experience. The platform is perfect for sales conference calls with features such as drawing tools, keyboard and mouse sharing, and breakout rooms to enhance engagement and collaboration. It is a favorite among users, with one saying, “It’s much easier than Teams or Zoom.”


BlueJeans Virtual Meetings is an all-in-one video conferencing platform with industry-leading Dolby Voice and HD Video technology. The platform offers productivity-enhancing features such as Breakout Sessions, Smart Meetings, Interactive Collaboration tools, and Universal Accessibility features which can all be used to take sales presentations to the next level.

Chrome Extensions

Clearbit Connect

This extension allows you to access valuable information about your email contacts without leaving your inbox. With Clearbit Connect, you can view a contact’s social profile, company information, and job title, as well as receive real-time email notifications when a contact opens an email. This tool is especially useful for sales and marketing professionals who need to quickly gather information on prospects and personalize their outreach on the fly.


Right Inbox is a Gmail extension that enhances productivity for sales, marketing, and recruiting professionals. It provides features such as email tracking, reminders, email templates, sequences, private notes, recurring emails, send later, signatures, GIFs, and CRM sync. Over 250,000 professionals have already installed Right Inbox to upgrade their Gmail experience.


Mailtrack is a free and unlimited email tracker for Gmail that allows sales reps to track their emails, know who opened their emails, and get follow-up email alerts. Mailtrack also offers link tracking, PDF tracking, mail merge, and customized emails extracting data from Google Sheets. With these features, sales reps can improve their email productivity, measure their cold email effectiveness, and increase their open rates and response rates.


Wordtune is an AI-powered Chrome extension that can help sales reps to write clear and compelling emails and messages to prospects. With its advanced AI technology, Wordtune can suggest alternative ways to phrase text, from entire sentences to single words, helping to save time and perfect language choices. By using Wordtune, sales reps can write with confidence, sound more fluent, and ultimately, deliver better results.


Salespeople can use Momentum, a personal dashboard extension, to replace their new tab page with a customized dashboard that can include a to-do list, local weather info, daily photos, inspiring quotes, and revenue targets.


Hunter for Chrome is a powerful email-finding tool that helps salespeople find the email addresses of potential clients or leads while visiting their website or reading an article. The tool provides verified email addresses, confidence scores, and sources to help salespeople build their contact lists and increase their chances of reaching out and closing more deals.


Important RFP to get out the door but that LinkedIn feed keeps popping up with all too tempting clickbait – it happens and it seems especially more when something urgent needs to get out the door that isn’t very exciting. With UnDistracted, you can selectively hide distracting parts of websites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. The extension also allows for blocking access to any of these sites and settings are synced over the Google account for easy use on multiple computers.

Email Marketing


How many times have you fumbled your way through creating marketing campaigns or newsletters because the tools don’t give you any direction on what’s next? You wouldn’t have this problem with Moosend as it is as user-friendly as you can get. It offers features such as list segmentation, A/B testing, standard automation templates, and integrations to major eCommerce platforms and CRMs. The software provides users with real-time insights into campaign performance through its AI-enabled capability to create subject lines that will get opened, customize landing pages, and holistic reporting. 


ConvertKit has exploded with the boom of online creators. Check out the footer of the next few newsletters you receive and I bet the majority will say they were created with Convertkit. They have branded themselves as the creator marketing platform and rightly so. It provides features such as stunning landing pages, sign-up forms, link pages that make work stand out, an intuitive email editor, powerful sales funnels, and the ability to sell digital products and subscriptions. it has been used by more than 560,243 creators, including coaches, authors, podcasters, musicians, and many more.


AWeber offers an intuitive email marketing platform that is easy to use, affordable, and effective in delivering results. Its drag-and-drop builder, pre-built email templates, and automated features allow users to create eye-catching emails and autoresponders in no time. 

Unique features like the Auto Newsletter and dynamic content enable users to get more traffic, clicks, and sales while pre-designed reports and A/B testing help in tracking email performance and optimizing results. With AWeber, users can get world-class email deliverability without the need to become an email deliverability expert.


This product offers a suite of tools to help businesses generate and convert leads, build relationships with customers, and increase online sales. Features include email marketing, website builder, marketing automation, and e-commerce tools. 

The product is trusted by both large and small brands such as IKEA, Revolut, and Carrefour. The free plan allows businesses to get started easily, while paid plans offer premium features such as marketing automation, sales funnels, and webinars at a competitive price.


Although this goes beyond email marketing, this is at its core so it’s included in this section. MoonMail enables users to communicate with their customers across different channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, voice, and push notifications. The platform offers features such as AMP support, AI-powered engaged recipient filters, intelligent send time optimization, recipient validation, and an inbox placement shield. All of this adds up to quite a powerhouse for the ambitious marketing team. 


How many times have you tried to add images and custom content to emails? Will it get through spam filters, what will the formatting look like, and why doesn’t this image come in properly? I know you have been there. This platform offers a sophisticated, intuitive email editor with pre-designed templates that mean you can actually get a top-notch email created, formatted, and delivered to the inbox with ease. With over 40,000 companies using MailJet, it’s doing something right.


Lemlist is an all-in-one outbound solution that personalizes cold emails at scale, automates follow-ups, and engages with leads across all channels. What’s quite clever is that you can communicate with every prospect on a 1-on-1 level which helps to increase your reply rates. The product is quite unique in that it offers email deliverability tools like Lemwarm and integrates with any workflow you want. You can also access learning resources, including over 100 email templates with proven data on how to get more replies.


Saleshandy’s cold email automation tool allows users to send personalized cold emails at scale with high email deliverability. The product offers a one-stop solution for cold email lead generation, including hyper-personalization, a deliverability suite, and a unified inbox. Users can also set up hyper-personalized follow-ups in advance, test up to 26 variants of email content, and automate prospect uploading while verifying their list for healthy sending. All quite nifty for getting more personalized at scale.


Have you tried the free forever email marketing software but it’s not quite cutting it? Don’t need the best enterprise-level marketing software? This is where Yesware fills the gap. They say they offer a happy medium between heavy and light outreach software, and its clients can know which emails are working when leads are interested, and how much follow-up to do. With over 1.4 million installs and counting, Yesware is clearly a popular choice and maybe they fill that void perfectly.


Mailchimp is probably the #1 email marketing and automations brand. The product offers a Customer Journey Builder with automated workflows, AI-assisted suggestions, segmentation to boost customer loyalty, and integrations with other tools. Mailchimp’s unique features include Mailchimp Recommends, predictive segmentation, and priority support. If you know anything about email marketing, then Mailchimp is probably not a new name to you.


This tool helps sales reps systematically execute outreach across multiple channels and open new conversations at scale, resulting in faster activity rates and more conversations that move the needle. With features such as multi-channel engagement, personalized emails, email validation, custom domain tracking, and automation of CRM and admin work it helps sales teams book more meetings in less time.

Proposal Management

Proposal management software helps streamline the proposal process, from creation to delivery, allowing businesses to save time and money while increasing win rates.


PandaDoc is intuitive, fast, and outputs high-quality content with minimal fuss. It has a simple and modern user interface, a drag-and-drop editor with over 750 free templates, and real-time notification and analysis of proposal performance. 

It also offers various integrations, a free option with unlimited upload and e-signing of documents, and three paid plans that offer varying features and levels of complexity. PandaDoc is a solid system with excellent reviews and customer testimonials, one of the best out there.


How many times have you copied and pasted endless content from your ‘best’ word proposal to a new proposal? 200+ questions you have already answered a few weeks back that you need to do again? It’s tedious without proposal software but RFPIO is one of the best in helping large teams get more efficient. 

With an advanced AI-powered engine that automates standard answers with high-quality, approved content from the library and an intuitive UI, advanced collaboration tools, and project management tools that allow for the management of RFP from beginning to end, this is worth a look. Watch out for the price tag, suited to the largest of proposal teams only!

Better Proposals

This is an affordable solution that simplifies the end-to-end proposal process, making it ideal for solopreneurs and SMEs. With a modern and user-friendly interface, templates, and seamless workflows, it allows for easy creation, customization, and sending of proposals. The product also integrates with various CRMs, payments, live chat, and project management tools, and is a great option for those who want to quickly send out generic proposals and even integrate payment options to close deals.


Loopio is a user-friendly RFP management software with advanced workflows, automation tooling, and role management capabilities. It’s Magic’ function automatically detects and adds new RFP answers to the library using intelligent automation, while robust approval workflows streamline proposal management. Loopio integrates with CRMs, communication apps, and cloud storage services, making it a comprehensive tool for tracking critical milestones and overseeing all team members. While more advanced AI and machine learning capabilities would make it a stronger rival to RFPIO, Loopio is a great choice for businesses of any size.


QorusDocs is a popular system known for its seamless integration with MS365 and Sharepoint, making it an easy-to-use option for proposal management teams that already work in MS Word. It offers simple content workflows, excellent search and filter functions, and smart fields and rules for automation which will streamline your efforts so you can churn out more proposals to drive more revenue.

Expedience Software

Expedience Software is built right into MS Word, so you continue working in MSWord rather than just an integration to it. Its content library and proposal writing features are fully accessible within all MS Office applications, and it provides fast uptake for existing MS Office users as there are only additional ribbon menus and styling options to learn. On the flip side, as it’s all within MS tools, it lacks analytics and reporting compared to standalone cloud-based platforms.


To round this category off and to cover all bases, we have Proposify which is a great option for startups due to its fresh-looking UI and affordable pricing. Its proposal designer and editor create beautiful proposals with ease, and it allows for simple integration with CRM and payment providers to increase conversion rates. However, it can be a bit clunky at times and lacks customization options within the design editor. On a budget though with simple needs, you won’t go too wrong.

Document Sharing and e-signature


DocuSign offers eSignature, Contract Lifecycle Management, and integrations for streamlining workflows. Their platform empowers more than a billion users (yes you heard that right, a billion users!) and over a million customers to sign, send, and manage agreements from anywhere, at any time. DocuSign’s unique features include integrations with over 400 workflows, 99.99% uptime, and rigorous security and compliance standards. Some of their biggest clients include AON, T-Mobile, Santander, Unilever, and UCSF.


PandaDoc makes the list again as on top of its impressive proposal management offer, it provides electronic signature features that are free forever! It offers legally-binding eSignature software that is ESIGN and UETA compliant, HIPAA compliant, and SOC 2 Type II certified, and provides an electronic certificate with every signed document. You can effortlessly upload, send and sign PDFs, DocX, and other file types for eSign in record time while keeping track of the signing process with an easy-to-follow audit trail. On top of all that, it offers 450+ templates designed to save you tons of time when you need to quickly get an invoice or agreement out the door for signing.


DocSend offers a secure and easy way to share files without the risk of losing control of sensitive documents. With features like customizable access, expiration dates, and the ability to update documents after sending, it simplifies document sharing and management. The platform also includes an intuitive eSignature experience with real-time analytics to optimize follow-up strategies and ensure compliance with regulations


Acrobat Sign is an all-in-one PDF and e-signature solution that can help you streamline your workflows and accelerate your business. With features like document signing, tracking, managing, sending in bulk, integrations, custom branding, and powerful PDF tools, you can sign documents faster and access Acrobat PDF documents from anywhere, on any device. 

Plus, with more than 500,000 organizations trusting Adobe, you can be confident in security and compliance. In fact, a recent study showed that using Acrobat Sign resulted in 30% faster transactions, 47% more efficient back-office work, and $8.7 million saved in sustainability costs across 3 years. Quite a study!


Send. Sign. Track. Done. That’s their tagline. Super simple and easy-to-use offer from Dropbox. The product’s key features include fast agreement signing (up to 80% faster than paper), intuitive design, audit trails, and secure and reliable document management. Dropbox Sign also offers an API to embed eSignatures into applications and integrates with the tools you already use.


Paperflite is a remote content collaboration software that enables teams to find, collaborate, share, track, and measure results from anywhere. One of its key features is its ability to distribute content via visually stunning microsites, transforming existing content into interactive, personalized experiences for prospects and accounts. Additionally, Paperflite’s eSignature capabilities allow for secure and legally-binding document sharing, with audit trails providing proof of access, review, and signature.


Commission software automates the complex calculations that are necessary to accurately track and pay out commissions, making it easier for organizations to manage their commission structures.


CaptivateIQ is a unique agile commission solution designed to help organizations build tailored commission plans quickly and efficiently. Over 85% of sales managers say they want to change their comp plans every quarter, and CaptivateIQ provides customers with the system and insights to build and iterate compensation plans confidently, saving them 40-60 hours per month on average. 

CaptivateIQ outperforms others in nearly every category on G2, including best usability, easiest to use, and fastest implementation.


Commissionly is a fully automated sales commission software package. It provides a complete sales commission solution for industries such as financial services, energy sales, medical products, ISO payments, and insurance commissions. As an example, their Energy Transaction Commissions,

Load monthly consumption data and calculate commissions for agents automatically and will auto-assign agents based on client, meter ID, or any other id data.


The product is a sales compensation management platform that streamlines sales commission calculations and payouts. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to build custom compensation plans with quotas, rates, tiers, accelerators, bonuses, SPIFs, and other components to motivate reps to sell more. The platform also supports complex compensation plans for different levels of leadership, such as VP, Director of Sales, or Sales Manager, and allows for base commissions to be calculated based on metrics beyond just deal value, including demos booked and opportunities opened. 


Performio is an enterprise-grade sales commission software that provides pre-built data transformers and incentive plan components with seemingly fast implementations. The platform is flexible, scalable, and customizable to fit the needs of any business, ranging from 50 to 3,000 sales reps, with powerful workflows, advanced reporting features, auto-schedulers, and robust audit logs.


QCommission is a sales commission software designed to accurately and quickly calculate salespeople’s compensation for companies of all sizes. It integrates with many accounting/CRM systems or can operate as a standalone product. QCommission can be used to pay commissions on time, track sales, commissions, and bonuses, and reduce time and effort, as well as costs while increasing accuracy. QCommission is trusted by over 2,000 customers, 50+ countries, and 65+ industries.

Social Listening and Management

Social listening and management platforms are software tools that allow businesses to monitor and analyze their social media presence and engage with their audience in a more efficient and effective manner. They have become fundamental to many businesses.

Hubspot Social Media Management

HubSpot’s social media management software is fully integrated with their CRM and offers great features so another one that makes the list twice. It provides a centralized platform to manage social media campaigns and track activity. With keyword monitoring and real-time alerts, users can prioritize conversations with people who matter the most. HubSpot also offers social media analytics to track performance and report on social media ROI. Unique features include integrating social posts with relevant marketing campaigns and linking social interactions with real people in your CRM database for deeper context and relationship mapping.

Sprout Social

This one offers a range of features including social listening, publishing, engagement, analytics, and advocacy. It is used by 30,000 leading brands and organizations and is one of the heavy hitters in this category. Unique features include a competitive analysis tool and Instagram Business Profiles Report. The platform has won several awards for usability, customer support, satisfaction, ROI, and user adoption.


Brandwatch is a social suite of specialized, best-in-class tools trusted by thousands of the world’s biggest brands. With access to the world’s largest archive of consumer opinions and industry-leading AI, users can react to the trends that matter, collaborate on data-driven content, shield their brand from threats, and manage all channels with ease. With Brandwatch, users can get better results and ROI, such as Virgin Holidays achieving excellent readership results through innovative content discovery.


There is no doubt we are in the influencer digital age and brands will pay a lot of money to manage that as best they can. One of Digimind’s key features is its influencer identification system, which allows businesses to identify and engage with influential people in their industry. With its influencer feature, businesses can find influencers who are talking about their brand or industry, measure their influence, and engage with them to increase brand awareness and reach. The platform also offers other features such as social media monitoring, sentiment analysis, and competitor analysis, making it a comprehensive social media intelligence solution.


Brand24 is a social listening tool that helps brands monitor their online reputation, measure brand awareness, analyze competitors, and discover customer insights. With access to mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more, Brand24 may well offer the most complete access to online mentions out there. It also allows users to track hashtags, measure hashtag reach, and volume, and find influencers to measure the effects of a hashtag campaign. Brand24 has been loved by 4000+ brands of all sizes and provides powerful, reliable metrics that help businesses make informed decisions.


BrandMentions is a comprehensive tool that analyzes billions of mentions from various online sources, enabling companies to identify key influencers, understand customer interests, and monitor brand reputation. The tool offers four distinct features: Social Mention, Hashtag Tracker, Brand Tracker, and Social Media Tracker, providing users with real-time notifications, email alerts, and fresh link notifications. They claim that the tool is faster than Google at discovering new mentions and provides more extensive coverage than competitors, monitoring global coverage.


PromoRepublic is a marketing intelligence platform designed for multi-location brands, local businesses, and marketing agencies to enhance online visibility on local search and social media. It breaks down silos in local marketing data by capturing and analyzing data from over 130 platforms and directories, providing insights and suggestions for data-backed decisions, and increasing revenue across locations. PromoRepublic offers customized solutions for franchise, marketing agency, and small business needs, with a unique Intelligence Engine that captures 300+ data points for deeper and richer insights.

Conversational Intelligence & Sales Coaching

Conversational intelligence software has been shown to provide actionable insights into your sales reps conversations that drive more revenue. Coupled with the coaching features most of these systems have, it’s a great class of software to have in your sales tech stack to get your underperforming reps back on track.


Gong is an AI-based software that records and processes customer conversations. It provides an efficient process for accessing and synthesizing customer communications, which allows executives and their teams to make crucial business decisions based on fact instead of guesswork. Gong can coach teams to close by offering warning signs and recommendations for how to control any interaction, empowering individuals, teams, functions, and companies to reach their full potential.

Clarabridge (Acquired by QualtricsXM)

Clarabridge is an experience management platform that collects, understands, and takes action on all forms of experience data. It can automatically detect emotions, intent, and effort with 150+ industry-specific natural language understanding models that identify people’s underlying needs. I haven’t used it myself but the reviews are good and back up their claims.


Chorus by ZoomInfo is a conversation intelligence platform that integrates contact and company data with patented AI to capture and analyze all customer calls, meetings, and emails. It provides insights and analytics that enable quick identification of top performers, with actionable deal insights and AI-driven pipeline risk signals that ensure deals are always moving forward. Chorus has won several awards and is used by world-class enterprise teams such as DocuSign, Adobe, MongoDB, and Qualtrics.


Ever been on a cold call or pitch and said the wrong thing? I have and I’m sure it won’t be the last time. Sales reps, sales leadership, and sales operations can now benefit from real-time assistance to bring these conversations back before you have nailed the coffin on the deal. 


If you love cold calling then Wingman is for you. With on-call battle cards, Wingman provides real-time assistance to sales reps to navigate difficult situations and close more deals. Wingman also allows teams to collaborate and share insights from customer interactions. Wingman has received high ratings from G2, Capterra, and TrustRadius.


Avoma’s Intelligent Meeting Lifecycle Assistant makes meetings more actionable with features that cover the entire meeting process. Before the meeting, users can benefit from agenda collaboration and sharing, scheduling and agenda templates, and no-show reminders. During the meeting, users can take advantage of automatic recording and transcription, live bookmarking, and collaborative note-taking. After the meeting, users can get AI-generated notes and topics, conversation and revenue intelligence, snippets, comments, and playlists. Pretty cool for any sales rep!

Second Nature

Second Nature’s Sales Training Software is an AI-based conversational sales training solution. It has been chosen by world-class companies and has been named a leader in the Info-Tech 2022 Sales Coaching Data Quadrant. The software has helped businesses achieve a 3x increase in sales opportunities, a 39% increase in sales proficiency, and a 24% higher sales win rate and is preferred by 83% of sales reps over all other sales training methods so Second Nature state on their website.


Mindtickle is a Sales Readiness data-driven Platform that offers a suite of tools and processes to increase knowledge, enhance performance, improve sales productivity, and adapt to change. With Mindtickle, you can create programs that reinforce knowledge quickly and analyze how it translates in sales meetings, making adoption easy for sales representatives. The platform empowers revenue teams with industry-leading conversation intelligence and coaching tools, all in one place, driving a culture of sales excellence. 


Ambition offers a coaching suite to help sales and enablement leaders enhance team performance while providing an excellent employee experience for reps, regardless of their location. With Ambition, managers can monitor and measure important metrics across various roles or segments, gain visibility and insights, and empower reps to prioritize their activities. The product has been shown to increase sales activity by 25% YoY, save managers seven hours of high-value time per week, and improve rep retention by 25% over three years.


LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecards empower new hires to focus on behaviors that drive results and encourage peer-to-peer collaboration. Coaching notes snapshots performance data by each rep and metric, every day, so that managers can have better coaching discussions and facilitate ongoing improvements


Jiminny is a platform that helps sales teams exceed quota through insights-driven coaching. The platform offers unique features such as Deal Insights and self-coaching tools that prioritize urgent coaching needs and share best-practice examples to boost individual and team performance. Jiminny’s range of coaching features ensures reps are always motivated, up-to-speed, and working together to deliver their best.


Attention is a call monitoring and sales coaching platform that is truly driven by AI. It offers call analysis which will auto-update your CRM as well as generate draft email follow-ups that you can send right after the call. Couple that with real-time objection handling insights, performance monitoring, and leadership tools, Attention will truly save your reps time and take away some headaches from management.

Data, Integration, and Analytics


Zapier is a powerful automation tool that provides an intuitive editor, allowing you to build workflows (called Zaps) with no coding required. It integrates with over 5,000 apps, supports custom-made Zaps with webhooks, and offers secure data management features such as app restrictions, single sign-on, custom data retention, and activity logs. Essentially it frees up time and energy, enabling businesses to focus on what matters most — driving more revenue and serving their customers.


This is primarily a lead generation platform but the data aspect is advanced. It unites sales and marketing data in one place to prioritize leads, track customers across multiple sources, segment email lists with automated rules-based logic and generates comprehensive analytics. Outfunnel goes beyond traditional lead scoring with its unique website visitor tracking feature and integration capabilities that ensure data stays synced between all connected tools. It has enabled over 1000 businesses to increase their lead-to-win conversion rate while reducing time spent on dead-end leads.


ClicData is an end-to-end data management and analytics platform that allows users to connect any data and system to store, cleanse, transform, analyze, visualize, and share data in real time. It is geared towards sales and marketing and has a suite of standard dashboards to get you up and running in no time. 


Looking to simplify complexity? This will help you unlock insights using data and automation. Their expertise in AI and machine learning, cloud migration, data analytics, visualization, and smart application development provides sales teams and leadership with powerful data-driven solutions that will help them make smarter decisions. They specialize in the public sector, healthcare, and retail sectors.


Sisense offers an analytics platform that can be embedded into any application or workflow, providing actionable insights to make critical decisions with confidence. With three powerful solutions, including API-first analytics, white-labeled analytic experiences, and customizable experiences, Sisense provides limitless scale, flexibility, and agility for businesses in a range of sectors. Unique features include code-first, low-code, and no-code options, making it easy for businesses to create transformational workflows. Sisense is recognized as the leading cloud analytics platform by G2, empowering customers to infuse analytics everywhere.


Find businesses ready to buy with comprehensive and privacy-compliant intent data from Bombora, which measures prospects’ digital journey across 5,000+ B2B websites, allowing you to guide them to your solution. Bombora provides the industry’s only intent data co-op, delivering quality data for funnel impact and helping you level up your sales and marketing process from intent targeting to deal acceleration. With simple integrations, you can enjoy all the benefits of intent data working seamlessly in your current stack.

Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet provides end-to-end solutions for sales, marketing, and operations teams to improve go-to-market strategies with better data, analytics, and insights. Their solutions use the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to give a complete view of accounts and improve sales and marketing performance. Their AI-powered campaigns, quality leads, and world-class analytics help sales teams spend less time searching and more time selling.


DearLucy is a sales analytics platform that helps you close more deals, build more pipeline, manage sales performance, and forecast with confidence. It offers a comprehensive set of sales and revenue metrics along with forecasting tools.


Features include real-time sales forecasting and quota management, quickly visualizing sales performance with real-time data to empower your sales team with insights to take action. With Looker, you can optimize your sales funnel, prioritize opportunities that drive quota attainment, and set up your sales team for success, all while enjoying a free trial.

Customer Success

A customer success platform is a tool to increase retention, reduce churn and maximize revenue from existing customers.


RevSetter is a customer success platform that focuses on maximizing net revenue retention. It provides an easy and fast way to fuel growth and success with its powerful solutions for customer success and expansion, including an NRR calculator, account management and expansion, a true customer 360 view, and a customer data hub.


The Client Success platform is a customer success software that drives customer retention and growth. The platform offers a unique methodology that includes onboarding, adoption, renewal, and growth to build a successful customer journey. It is top-rated and used by the best, with high user adoption and customer success rates, making it a valuable tool for CEOs, CSMs, and other teams looking to improve customer retention and growth.


Catalyst is a platform that guides Sales and Success teams to turn customers into the primary growth engine by delivering insights for retention risk and expansion opportunities, helping businesses generate more revenue. It comes with automated workflows, playbooks, and automation to support the customer journey, allowing Sales and Success teams to focus on customers, not admin work. 


Gainsight is a customer success platform that enables businesses to retain and grow their customers at scale by delivering the outcomes their customers desire. The platform provides a comprehensive view of customers, proactive alerts, prescriptive playbooks, and automated journey orchestration. It also simplifies collaboration around customers’ success and enables better hand-offs for customer-facing teams.


Totango is a customer success platform that drives predictable revenue growth by helping businesses retain and expand their customer base. The platform offers features such as journey orchestration, portfolio management, reporting, data management, and user/account management. With Totango, businesses can expect fast time to value, continuous iteration and predictable scale-up. The platform is trusted by well-established software giants and has delivered impressive results such as a 130% net revenue retention and 50% productivity improvement for some of their clients.


ChurnZero is a Customer Success Platform that helps businesses reduce churn and drive success by providing a better view of the customer lifecycle. With features such as real-time alerts, automation, and collaboration chatbots, it boosts team productivity and saves time, allowing for a more personalized and efficient customer experience. Designed for both fast-growing companies and enterprises, it allows for the rapid scaling of customer management without the need for an equally expanding Customer Success team.


Startdeliver is a customer success platform designed to help users prioritize their work and create great results with a real impact on customers. The platform allows users to easily connect all customer data, manage interactions with customers, measure customer health, and keep track of stakeholders. Startdeliver also offers automation features to help users work smarter and at a larger scale. The platform has been recognized as a leader in customer success on G2 and offers documentation and tutorials to help users get started quickly.

Sales Funnel Builders

Have you ever wondered how to automate and track your customer journey so that more leads turn into customers? A sales funnel builder is the answer.


Wishpond offers a comprehensive Sales Funnel platform designed to help businesses optimize their conversion rates. It provides custom journeys, integrated payments, tracking for reporting, and integrates with popular tools to make managing the customer journey even easier.


If you are looking for a way to boost your revenue, but don’t have the time or resources to hire developers then the all-in-one sales funnel builder, ConvertFlow may be able to help. With just one dashboard, you can create automated campaigns like product recommendation quizzes and abandoned cart funnels as well as collect email and SMS subscribers. And get this: ConvertFlow’s free plan has already enabled over 30,000 disruptive brands like Nectar Sleep, Undersun Fitness, and Cuddle Clones to considerably increase their revenue- without needing any coding experience!


If you don’t want to waste time with tedious coding and complicated website-building tools but need a funnel, ClickFunnels has got you covered. This all-in-one sales funnel builder allows you to create high-converting checkouts, customizable page templates, member areas, and courses. Plus, successful entrepreneurs like Daymond John and Tai Lopez have praised the software for its ease of use. So maybe you can forget about WordPress, Wix, Shopify, and CartHook as ClickFunnels may be all you need.

Sales Engagement

Sales engagement software helps sales teams identify, prioritize, and convert high-value leads into customers more effectively.


If you are spending hours manually trying to generate leads and close deals – Salesloft’s engagement platform will take much of the hassle out of sales so you can focus on what matters. With cutting-edge features like AI-driven deal engagement scoring, comprehensive data analysis, sophisticated pipeline generation capabilities, the ability to understand customer conversations with call recording and conversation intelligence, and flexible third-party integration, this software product has revolutionized the way sales teams do business and consolidates many point solutions under the one roof.


Outreach is a top sales tool so it makes this list twice. It has coined itself as a Sales Execution Platform and it excels in revenue operations and intelligence and sales engagement, making it an all-in-one solution for sales operations. It offers three unique solutions to help build more pipeline, get insight into deals and forecast better outcomes across every stage of the deal cycle. Leverage. It is used by over 5,000 global customers including Snowflake, Okta, and Siemens so it must be ticking some boxes at least.


Revenue also makes this list more than once as it also offers a solid sales engagement solution with proven messaging and targeted cadences to drive engagement and conversions. Unique features such as call conversion metrics, streamlined visibility into all sales processes, and the ability to quickly update your cadence are just a few of the benefits – OrthoFX saw a 20% increase in conversions, and Qualified.com reported reaching customers more often and winning more deals.


Groove is an all-in-one sales engagement platform that helps increase quota attainment and streamline workflows by providing a suite of tools that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce. Enjoy unique features such as conversation intelligence, appointment and sales meeting scheduler, and a mobile app for meeting prep and follow-up. Advanced activity capture provides real-time insights into the quality and quantity of sales activities to help you make better business decisions.


VanillaSoft is a sales engagement platform that helps businesses achieve more with controlled, step-by-step sales outreach. Features include top-down control of the process, cadence control, dynamic scripts, lead routing, auto dialing, call recording, and VoIP. It removes the guesswork from the sales process, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction, and has a 4.6/5 user rating on G2.com and a 97% customer satisfaction rating on TrustRadius.com.


PersistIQ is aimed towards small teams, allowing users to quickly build targeted prospect lists with a Chrome extension, automate personalized emails, calls, and tasks, and analyze results from every message, campaign, and team member. Users will enjoy an easy-to-use solution for finding new customers, automating personalized sales outreach, and analyzing performance.


Getting reps to update the CRM consistently is a challenge in most organizations and can cause lots of issues with data quality, pipeline management, and forecasting. Bloobirds tries to help with this specific challenge by transforming a CRM into a seller-friendly tool to boost productivity and data quality. Powered by AI-powered smart content management, it guides sellers through every step of the sales process with task management tools that integrate with the CRM – resulting in a 73% increase in daily sales follow-up activity, 76% increase in reported daily sales data, 85% decrease in the daily time spent updating the CRM and 68% increase in usage of sales outreach material.


If mobile is your thing then Playbooks will interest you. It is an AI-powered sales engagement solution that offers automation, prioritization, and buyer intelligence to help reps focus on the most impactful activities that are the only fully mobile sales engagement solution available right now.

AI Revenue Digital Sales Assistants

AI virtual assistants and note-takers can help identify opportunities, manage contacts, personalize messages, quickly access relevant research sources, and much more. This all frees up more time for sales teams and allows sales reps to close deals more efficiently.


Exceed.ai is a sales acceleration platform powered by AI technology that provides automated sales actions, tailored recommendations, and analytics to help sales teams streamline their processes. It enables sales reps to boost productivity with functions like automated emails and personalized messages, real-time insights from customer interactions, and time-saving researching sources. They say that conversational AI has helped increase productivity by 35%, sales-ready leads by 25%, and achieved sales quotas by 109%, disrupting sales and marketing unit economics.


Conversica’s Revenue Digital Assistants are AI-powered conversational agents designed to automate critical tasks and help maximize every opportunity. With Conversica’s Conversational AI platform, you can create hyper-personalized conversations with your contacts and deliver conversation-qualified leads to your sales team. Revenue Digital Assistants engage, validate, and qualify 100% of prospects with personalized outreach, freeing sales to sell and building a more robust pipeline. The platform is equipped with battle-tested skills and multichannel, multilingual, and multi-integration capabilities that deliver a truly exceptional human-like experience at scale. The time of knowing if you are speaking to a human is here!


There is nothing worse than a prospect spilling all their ‘secrets’ that will enable you to close the deal but you can’t get your notes down fast enough. Fireflies can help as it’s an AI-powered meeting notes solution that can record, transcribe, search, and analyze voice conversations. It can be integrated with several video-conferencing apps, dialers, and audio files. The platform offers AI-Powered Search, collaborative features, and conversation intelligence to improve team productivity and identify critical metrics for coaching.


If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT then google it! It’s taken the AI world by storm. To help sales teams it can provide automated responses to customer inquiries, assist with lead generation and qualification, and offer personalized recommendations based on customer data, and that’s just scratching the surface of its possible capabilities. ChatGPT can be used for sales in lots of unique and interesting ways

Travel and Expenses

If your expense budget is always exceeded or your reps are still submitting paper receipts, look at these to get them back on track with far more productive revenue-generating activities.


Navan offers an integrated business travel and expense solution that maximizes efficiency, minimizes costs, and increases visibility and control. It simplifies business travel by empowering employees to book and manage travel with ease while giving companies full control of their travel program. The user-centric software is built to meet the needs of frequent travelers, finance teams, travel managers, and HR managers at all types of companies. Navan offers exclusive hotel and flight deals, virtual and physical corporate cards, global card issuing and reimbursements, automated expense management, real-time reporting and analytics, and integrations with the tools you love.


Brex offers a modern spend management solution with integrated cards and software that drive 100% compliance with zero receipt chasing in 100+ countries. With Brex, businesses of all sizes can streamline spending, gain real-time visibility and accountability across global spend, and automate expense management.


Expensify is an expense management app that offers unlimited receipt tracking, expense organization, and pre-accounting workflow automation. Its one-click receipt scanning and credit card import features eliminate manual data entry, while the multiple approvers and advanced tax tracking help customize the expense policy rules. 


Airbase is an automated spend management platform that provides total visibility and control over all non-payroll expenses across multiple currencies and subsidiaries. Its features include corporate cards, bill payments, and employee reimbursements that tie approvals and purchases to your general ledger. Airbase offers transparent and collaborative workflows, approval automation, real-time reporting, and faster time-to-close, making it the #1 spend management solution based on customer reviews at G2. 


Diallers are automated calling systems that enable sales teams to maximize their outreach, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer interactions while keeping call costs low. They typically offer more advanced functionalities than diallers within sales engagement software, such as predictive dialing, call recording, and advanced analytics.


PhoneBurner is a power dialer software that empowers sales reps to drive up to 4x more calls – so they say on their website. The software offers features such as workflow automation, lead management, reporting, and dedicated inbound numbers.


If you need something for a call center or a large outbound team then Aircall is the perfect business phone system for bettering customer conversations. It offers toll-free numbers and international numbers in over 100 countries, as well as features like call conference solutions, call routing, and interactive voice response to ensure calls are routed to the right place. Aircall’s call center features such as call queuing, ring groups, unlimited concurrent calls, call recording, and call whispering, along with analytics such as call center analytics, activity feed, and call monitoring software – this is a leader in the dialler patch of sales tools.


Outbound sales teams can lose hours a day, leading to wasted revenue and opportunities. CloudTalk tries to make this a thing of the past with its next-gen Power Dialer feature that helps reps make more conversations automatically. The Autodialer ensures the right prospects are called at the right time, and advanced voice analytics and real-time syncing let managers make data-driven decisions to optimize their outbound sales campaigns. But it doesn’t stop there — features such as live coaching, call whispering and call barging ensure seamless communication and improved sales performance. With CloudTalk, outbound sales teams can save valuable time while improving their results.


Nextiva is an all-in-one communication, collaboration, and customer management software that will help you manage all conversations and engage with customers and teams with one powerful, easy-to-use solution. It can be used by sales and support teams, providing sales tools to track every deal, intelligent help desk tools to connect with customers, and contact centers to handle inbound and outbound calls over the phone, email, and social media. Nextiva’s differentiating factor is its focus on delivering superior customer experience, providing personalized onboarding support, and maintaining a scalable network.


With Auto Dialer, Predictive Dialer, and Power Dialer on a single platform, this is a powerful tool for faster lead conversion. JustCall reckons their platform can save sales agents 2-3 hours per day by eliminating repetitive tasks, enabling reps to focus on high-value actions that impact the bottom line. 

Field Sales


SPOTIO claims to be the only field sales engagement platform and can help outside sales teams increase revenue by 23%. It provides a mobile app that keeps reps organized with appointments, tasks, routes, sales activities, and lead notes, as well as desktop software that enables admins to see their team’s calls, visits, texts, and emails in real-time. The software automatically captures sales data to provide accurate insights and make smarter decisions that lead to growth.

Badger Maps

This is primarily a route-planning app that is designed specifically for field sales teams. It helps sales reps save time and sell more by optimizing routes, automating planning and reporting, and focusing on the right customers. According to a case study on their website, one of their customers found that CRM Usage increased by 50% after using Badger Maps.


SalesRabbit is built specifically for outside sales teams. Its canvassing app provides everything you would need to keep your team organized, focused, and optimized – from powerful lead tracking to fast customer qualification. You can also create digital presentations and proposals, create e-contracts that can be signed anywhere, and it can easily connect with your other software solutions. 


Skynamo is a field sales management platform that provides real-time reporting and automated sales analysis, allowing sales teams to track retail execution, customer visits, and captured orders. Sales managers can view team member activities by region or customer and communicate with the entire team whilst in the field. Skynamo’s streamlined CRM and contact management features enable users to view customer history, location, contacts, and products ordered, while its live order capturing feature improves order accuracy and turnaround time on invoicing.


This is an all-in-one field sales app solution that simplifies and reduces the cost of enabling field sales staff and managers. GeoRep reckons that field sales reps can increase customer visits by 30%, reduce travel time by 35%, and reduce admin by 50%. The app offers features such as sales orders and quotes, custom forms and contracts, task management, calendar management, navigation, notifications, and a content library, which help field sales reps serve customers better, and increase efficiency, and productivity.

Chat & Communication


A dispersed sales team and a multi-disciplined bid team are quite often the structure of getting deals done and increasing top-line revenue. To make that work, internal communication tools are key. Slack is a digital HQ that brings together people, tools, and communication in one place. It offers organized channels for teams to connect across departments, offices, and even other companies, increasing collaboration and efficiency which is no bad thing when in a remote-first world!


LiveAgent is an all-in-one help desk software that offers 130+ ticketing features and 200+ integrations, making it one of the best customer care solutions. It provides a range of tools to help you connect with customers on all channels, including live chat, call center software, social media, and knowledge base articles.


Drift’s Conversation Cloud enables marketing, sales, and customer teams to easily connect with customers through conversations. The platform offers personalized conversations via chat, email, video, or any preferred method for customers, keeping teams in sync and improving the customer journey. Drift says that they can deliver a 670% ROI on average over three years and a 100% increase in lead-to-pipeline conversion rates.


Lots of website traffic but not many conversions or meaningful conversations? This is where ClickDesk may be able to help. They provide live chat features with a customer base of over 100,000 businesses. It includes intuitive web chat panels, video and voice chat options for customer support, and complete helpdesk software integrated with the live chat tool. They also have social media integration and a mobile app for online support.


FreshChat is part of the FreshWorks suite so you will be in safe hands. Their chat platform allows teams to have intelligent conversations with customers anywhere through messaging channels such as WhatsApp and SMS. Freshchat also simplifies customer experiences with no-code chatbots and provides agents with real-time context for faster and more effective responses.


A website chat platform to grab your customer’s attention before they disappear. It lets you catch visitors in real-time using chatbots, live chat, email, and social messaging. It provides a unified dashboard for managing customer communications across multiple channels, including email, Facebook, and Instagram. It will give real-time visitor monitoring, visitor history, and personalization options so if your website is your main sales channel, worth looking at.


Smartsupp is another platform that helps online businesses increase sales by converting visitors into loyal customers through live chat, chatbots, and video recordings. They are saying some impressive looking stats on their website which any sales team would like to achieve! They say their platform gives a 169% higher conversion rate, 30% higher order value, 40% conversion to a deal and 248% conversion rate with their chatbot. Not bad if does all that!


We have all been there. Moving across email, WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, and many other apps to speak with prospects but it soon becomes a nightmare to manage the touchpoints. Kommo can help and get some structure to the outreach. It is an instant messaging tool that connects with the most popular messenger apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, and many more. The tool offers a single unified inbox that automatically grabs leads from all sources and syncs them in real time so your reps and BDRs can stay on one platform all day long.

Competitor Intelligence


Klue is a competitive enablement platform that helps businesses collect, curate, and deliver competitive market intelligence to the teams that need it, increasing their chances of winning deals. The platform collects data from millions of sources, uses AI to surface the most relevant competitive intelligence, and provides real-time insights to inform a company’s go-to-market strategy.


Semrush is an award-winning all-in-one marketing platform trusted by Fortune 500 companies and top brands like Tesla, Amazon, and IBM. The platform offers SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing tools. The idea is that marketers can uncover millions of national and local keywords, analyze any domain’s backlink profile, run technical SEO audits, track SERP positions daily, discover competitors’ marketing strategies and tactics, and much more.


The powerhouse of SEO analytics. You will pay for it but it’s widely known as the leader at the top with the most accurate data available, it is the second largest web crawler after Google after all. It is an all-in-one SEO toolset that helps users analyze competitors, audit and optimize their website, find keywords, discover content ideas, and track their ranking progress. The product has a 4.7/5 rating on Caterra.


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform for professionals with features such as a rank tracker, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, and competitor research. It offers advanced analytics and historical data, keyword grouping, and insights into traffic distribution among domains. 


SimilarWeb helps businesses win their market online through digital research, competitive analysis, and shopper, stock, and sales intelligence. It is backed by a comprehensive view of digital traffic and is used by some of the world’s top brands. It provides objective traffic data, insights, and real-world web and app performance. 


Crayon is a competitive intelligence platform that helps to track competitors and drive revenue growth. The AI-powered platform automatically gathers, organizes, and amplifies data from millions of sources to give an advantage over the competition. With Crayon’s anomaly detection, importance scoring, battle cards, automated alerts, and email digests – plus a Salesforce integration – it can help to increase win rates and customer retention.


Need help identifying active buyers and prioritizing them in your sales pipeline? What sales team doesn’t, right? With Slintel, customers can decrease their research time by 35%, increase their response rates by 3X, and their win rates by 2X so Slintel says. The platform provides rich information about prospects, and insights about competitors’ customers, and integrates with leading CRM software. 


Reputation is a unique software that manages customer feedback from acquisition to loyalty, helping businesses achieve higher search presence, increased sales, and decreased churn. It offers various features such as surveys, reviews and review booster, business listings, messaging, social publishing and listening, and prescriptive AI.


AlphaSense is a market intelligence and search platform that helps to uncover market insights quickly and easily. With its proprietary AI and NLP technology, users can search across 10,000+ premium data sources, including earnings, broker research, company documents, expert calls, and much more.


Spend a ton of time sifting for competitive intelligence but sometimes don’t come up with the goods. CI Radar reckons it solves the problem with its platform that provides personalized executive briefings, real-time insights for product teams, better intelligence for CI teams, and marketing intelligence for marketing teams. It combines smart technology with human curation and analysis to deliver accurate and concise briefings filled with hard-to-find, unpublicized information. 

The product also offers a custom research portal for ad hoc analysis and an assigned analyst who curates information and provides ad hoc research support. According to a managing director of a computer manufacturer, CI Radar provides a daily summarized briefing of everything they need to read each morning, without wasting their time on the junk or irrelevant items, and the briefings contain items they just can’t find themselves.

Video Content

Outreach, Salesloft, and Gong have video outreach incorporated but if you don’t need a sledgehammer to crack a nut or already have the primary features of those platforms covered then look no further than these solutions for video prospecting. 


Sales teams can use Loom to capture a prospect’s attention by sending a video message, adding a personal touch to targeted outreach by recording the screen, and sharing helpful videos via email or chat. Loom also offers customizable CTAs, detailed performance metrics, and engagement insights, making it easier to follow up with customers and measure performance.


With pre-recorded video, you can engage your prospects and create a deeper level of trust, making them more invested and confident to take the next step. VideoAsk also allows you to automatically qualify leads and generate warmer leads via a series of recorded questions, reducing ghosting and increasing response rates. With features such as CRM and calendar integration and drop-off analysis, you can track all your leads in one place and get a granular view of your VideoAsk funnel’s performance. 


VideoForm is a platform where you can send hyper-personalized videos and images to customers, increasing conversions by up to 2x. With VideoForm, you can personalize content for your customers in a scalable, easy-to-implement way, using your existing campaigns on email, LinkedIn, and SMS. The platform offers over 100 personalized templates and integrates them with your existing tools and apps.


Scheduling tools help sales teams easily and quickly set up meeting appointments without the need for back-and-forth emails, allowing them to focus on far more important tasks.


Calendly is a scheduling tool that offers features such as screen and book from your website, automating reminders and follow-ups, embedding calendar links in email footers, and social media to help to connect with the right people at the right time. A survey of 3,000+ Calendly users found that 93% of sales teams achieve faster sales cycles, and there is a 100% increase in demos scheduled.


Setmore is a great tool that is easy to pick up and run with. It offers 24/7 automated online booking, reminders, and payments with integrations into apps like Stripe. It allows users to share their online Booking Page with global customers, add 1-click Zoom or Teleport video meeting links to appointments, and get paid in advance, which is always a bonus!


This scheduling tool has epic language capabilities as it can be customized in 44 languages, ensuring an excellent experience for all customers, no matter where they are. It has received high ratings from top review sites and is trusted by 22,000 customers in 100 countries. The tool handles over 1 million bookings monthly and makes scheduling meetings easy, eliminating the need for back-and-forth communication.


Designed for sales teams to book meetings with clients faster and more efficiently, it allows users to create group polls, customized booking pages, and prequalify leads. Doodle’s features include branding customization, calendar integrations, and easy scheduling with multiple prospects. It helps sales managers track metrics for the sales pipeline and improve the conversion rate. Doodle’s users have reported saving time, improving customer experience, and closing deals more quickly.

Acuity Scheduling

With Acuity, clients and prospects can easily view real-time availability and self-schedule their own appointments. The system offers features like auto-adjustment for time zones, the ability to accept online payments, customized reminder emails and texts, HIPAA-compliant client information privacy, and integrations with powerful third-party apps like Stripe, Square, PayPal, and Google Analytics. 

10 to 8 

10to8 is an appointment scheduling software that offers AI-powered accessibility features such as appointment scheduling across any channel, and automated reminders by email, SMS, and voice that can reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

Sales Enablement 

Sales enablement tools equip sales teams with the tools, insights, and content they need to convert leads, close deals faster, and make a lasting impact on customer satisfaction. They have become critical tools for the majority of large sales teams.


Tired of searching for a whitepaper you got sent from marketing a few weeks ago? If so, you need a sales enablement platform to streamline your content workflows. Showpad excels in this area. It is a leader and one of the most widely used sales enablement platforms, globally. With advanced Sales Content Management, Seller Effectiveness, and Buyer Engagement tools to help teams collaborate seamlessly, it helps to close deals faster and make reps far more efficient. 


Seismic is a single platform that helps sales teams learn quickly, engage effectively, and grow revenue. It solves common sales challenges such as slow ramp-up times, difficulty in building relationships, and difficulty replicating successes. Seismic offers tools like Learning & Coaching, Buyer Engagement, Enablement Intelligence, Sales Content Management, and AI-Guided Selling, which equip sales reps with personalized onboarding, learning and coaching, data-backed insights, self-service digital materials, and high-value content recommendations.


Highspot helps eliminate the complexity associated with finding and personalizing content, reinforces winning behaviors, and measures rep performance, which if done right, should result in increased efficiency, boosted sales confidence, and larger deals won faster. With intelligent content management, contextual guidance, training, AI-driven sales playbooks, and end-to-end analytics, sales managers can empower their teams with insights to drive consistent performance and have been seen to increase the number of reps hitting quota by 19%.


If getting your team’s knowledge in one central place to mine without trawling through documents and trying to remember when Richard from Sales Engineering sent you that great 2 pager then this could seriously help your team out. GetGuru is a knowledge management platform designed to enable sales teams to provide prospects with the right information at the right time. It shortens sales cycles, improves customer satisfaction, and empowers sales reps with up-to-date knowledge from experts, accessible within their workflow. So no more badgering Richard every week for his 2 pager!


Showell helps sellers find, tailor, present, and share sales content to improve sales performance with a simple workflow. The platform allows sales teams to access sales content anytime, anywhere, with any device, even offline. With Showell, sellers can easily assemble tailored and professional presentations in just a few minutes, track buyer interactions with content and build strong buyer relationships through engaging sales meetings. 


With a decentralized workforce becoming the norm, large businesses need a knowledge platform that is available to all. Bloomfire helps to collect, connect, and democratize knowledge and insights. With a central, searchable platform, teams can find and collaborate on information and insights, increasing productivity and improving collaboration across a decentralized workforce. Bloomfire’s unique selling point is its ability to place customer insights at the center of the organization and enable stakeholders across teams and locations to bring market research into more business decisions.


Sales enablement meets sales readiness – more sales tech acronyms! Mindtickle’s Sales Readiness Platform is a data-driven sales enablement and readiness platform that helps sales representatives develop winning behaviors. Users can define their Ideal Rep Profile, create programs that reinforce knowledge quickly, and analyze how it translates in sales meetings. The platform is easy to use for reps and sales managers, and it has been shown to drive results, with a 64% increase in revenue generated by reps in their first quarter and a 50% average reduction in new hire onboarding time for some organizations.


This one is for the sales reps! Done with updating Salesforce with an abundance of data which takes ages, feels clunky, and super repetitive? Dooly expedites this so you can get on with ‘real’ sales activities! ts advanced features include automatic syncing of notes, fields, and activities to Salesforce, 1-click deal updates, and real-time playbooks for guided sales calls. By automating administrative tasks and providing sales process templates, Dooly helps reps focus on selling and hit their OTE without working overtime on CRM updates.

Performance Management

Sales performance management tools allow sales teams to track, analyze, and optimize their sales performance, helping them to make better decisions and achieve their goals.


Spinify is a leader in sales gamification software which provides a customizable, gamified competition. It motivates teams with friendly competition and helps boost their performance with an engaging and rewarding experience. On average, leaderboards had targets hit 92% more frequently, and Spinify’s customers have reported improved morale, motivation, and productivity.


The product provides real-time performance insights, customizable scorecards, and automated workflows to help reps visualize success, track their progress, and stay motivated. They also offer automations that reduce sales gamification competition setup and tracking time by over 90% which means managers can run more frequent spiffs that engage the entire team.


Sales management can be a tough job, especially during a downturn. That’s where Atrium comes in. Atrium provides automated insights around rep and team activities, giving sales managers more time to coach and fix issues rather than looking for them. It also helps to improve pipeline hygiene and ramp new reps to excellence by using data to monitor their progress and coach them before small issues become bad habits.


SalesScreen is a platform designed to help sales teams reach their goals and create a motivating sales atmosphere. Its features include pipeline analysis, gamification, culture-building, and real-time coaching. It stands out from competitors with its customizable competitions and impressive track record of customer results and testimonials. For instance, SalesScreen has helped one sales team achieve a 53% increase in one-day sales blitzes.


Plecto is a business performance platform that combines real-time KPI visualization, gamification, and coaching tools in one solution. It provides a quick setup and pre-built KPIs and dashboard templates are available to start visualizing. The platform is used by leading companies such as Pipedrive, Just Eat, and G4S.


Xactly’s Incentive Compensation Management Solutions offer a comprehensive solution for sales compensation programs, commission expense accounting, employee performance management, and intelligent revenue prediction. Xactly Incent enables the building of better compensation plans, driving better performance, and seamless integrations into popular systems like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.


If you work in a fast-paced sales environment then visualizing your KPIs can keep reps and team on track with the goal firmly in sight. Geckoboard offers an easy-to-use platform to visualize real-time data from various sources, including marketing and sales tools, CRM systems, and spreadsheets. The dashboards can be resized, grouped, and rearranged with status indicators, comparisons, and goals to highlight important changes and progress against key targets.

Image of example Geckoboard dashboard

Digital Salesroom (Content Experience)

Digital sales rooms are a new way for sellers and buyers to collaborate, making the entire purchasing process easier. They provide each party with an interactive space that is both secure and customized where sellers have access to tailored stories and content while buyers benefit from personalized experiences throughout their buying journey.


Sat through (or worse given!) a presentation where the audience is falling asleep? Death by Powerpoint is still a real problem but RelayTo tries to put an end to that by giving the tools to create immersive digital content experiences by converting PDFs and presentations into interactive microsites with animations, interactivity, and multimedia. 


With features like custom sales collateral creation, personalized videos, deal insights, proposal management, chat reminders, and e-signatures, it is an all-in-one solution that many small sales teams can use to boost buyer engagement and gain a ton of efficiency without the expense of a full-fledged sales enablement platform.


This is a sales enablement platform but its digital salesroom functionality is top-class. If you are looking for this as well as other enablement functions then it’s worth checking out to see what it can do for you. It allows sellers and buyers to communicate and share content in one central hub, including personalized video messages, meeting recordings, sales presentations, brochures, proposals, and a fair bit more. It is loved by users so much that it is ranked number 1 on G2.


Dealpad is a sales platform that helps sales teams close more deals by curating personalized buying experiences and discovering new stakeholders. It provides real-time data to determine if a deal is worth investing time in, and helps eliminate optimism from deal reviews. It offers personalized buying spaces, discovering your buying team, and mutual action plans, which all help to maximize the investment made in existing sales software and increase the chances of closing a successful sale.


JourneyDXP Smart Rooms Smart Rooms for Sales is a digital sales platform that helps sales teams improve their selling process and shorten sales cycles while increasing close rates. Smart Rooms facilitate self-education and collaboration, making it easier for customers to make decisions and reducing sales cycles by 30% or more. The platform uses AI-powered recommendations to help sales teams determine ideal moments to connect and predict when deals will close to increase rates by 25%. Smart Rooms also offer real-time notifications and analytics on customer behavior to enhance cross-selling and expansion programs.

Buyer Management

Buyer Management platforms help sales teams engage and manage relationships whilst enabling customer buying teams.


Companies using Boxxstep have experienced improved opportunity qualification, better team collaboration, productive deal reviews, and faster deal closure. All sales teams want that but with a complex enterprise deal with multiple stakeholder groups you need to get on board and manage along with ‘the difficult one’ through the deal cycle (there is usually always one!) it becomes even more important and can be the difference between win or lose. 

Boxxstep is a Buyer Focused Sales Platform that helps sales teams engage and enable customer buying teams, shown to improve win rates by 20%, decrease no-decision outcomes, and be more buyer-centric. Features include Relationship Mapping, Mutual Action Plans, and Win-Loss Feedback. The platform also helps salespeople identify all buyers involved, manage what they need to know about each buyer, plan steps to improve relationships and connect to their CRM. 


What is the most effective sales tool?

The most effective sales tool is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This is the first sales tool most businesses will deploy and can assist throughout the sales cycle.

What is an essential sales tool?

An essential sales tool is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which will help with prospecting, pipeline management, closing, and customer success.

How to choose a sales tool

To choose the right sales you must find your problem areas in your current sales process, assess the tools available to solve this, run a procurement exercise, and procure then roll out the solution. 

What should be in a sales toolkit?

A winning sales toolkit should include a sales enablement platform to hold the sales playbook, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to help with pipeline management through to customer success, and a lead generation tool to get speaking with your ideal prospects.


It’s clear that business leaders now have access to a broad range of sales tools across many categories, which can help to make better-informed decisions on the most effective way to manage and improve the sales pipeline, process, and people. 

As a final thought, keep in mind that cost is not the only factor when evaluating a sales tool – the features, compatibility, and problem it is solving should be assessed for every decision. 

With this knowledge in mind, we hope our list of more than 200+ sales tools will serve as an invaluable resource for success when looking at your next sales tool in detail.

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